Sushi Sushi becoming Bistrot Le Zinc

Sushi Sushi was located at 3714 Macomb St. NW just off Wisconsin Avenue. It will be combined with the storefront at 3712 Macomb St. to become Bistrot Le Zinc.

According to a recent liquor license application it will be a:

“French bistro serving lunch and dinner. No live entertainment – background music will be provided. Sidewalk Café with 20 seats. Seating capacity is 68. Total occupancy load is 68.”

Sounds cool but I will miss the fish mural…

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  • Ah. This is a shame. While they didn’t have the best sushi in the city, they were still very tastey. And with regular rolls costing $3.50 and specialty rolls going for $6-8, the restaurant couldn’t be beat. I had noticed though that they were becoming less crowded.

    Sushi Sushi, you will be missed missed.

  • This is terrible news. I love Sushi Sushi, especially their Sunny Delight roll!

  • this is a travesty! sushi sushi was a great neighborhood restaurant…

  • We can’t have too many French restaurants. As French is my favorite, and sushi near the bottom of the list, count me as pleased to hear it!

  • I never went there – it was just so tough to make the trip across town for sushi and not go to Kotobuki instead [down in Palisades]. Kotobuki is just so much better than most other sushi spots.

  • Looking forward to it… Caveat: as long as it’s not all $8 small plates, and you need to order 4 to eat!

  • I guess the 2Amy’s overflow business wasn’t consistently turning a profit?

  • I loved that Sushi Sushi delivered and it didn’t cost an arm and a legal. You and your avocado boats will be missed!! Does anyone know if he’s landed elsewhere?

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