Judging Restaurants – Muncheez

Muncheez is located at 1071 Wisconsin Avenue, NW. I’ll be honest from the outside and the name I thought this place was gonna be horrible. I couldn’t have been more wrong – it is freaking awesome. I had no idea there was a middle eastern connection here (in addition to crepes and wraps etc.) I had a snack called Nana’s original that was really good. Well you can see the full menu here. Anyone else try them out yet? Any other recommendations for what to order?

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  • white russians, or whatever, man!

  • Great crepes, but I gotta say, how the HECK did the muncheez facade/paint job get approval. Its definitely the ugliest in all of georgetown retail. Its an eyesore–and on a block that has particularly nice store fronts. What happened? I know other retailers have had substantial and drawn out negotiations for facade approvals (e.g. Apple)…what happened here?

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