Judging New Buildings – Logan Lofts

Logan Lofts was built on an empty lot at 1503 11th St, NW (just south of Rhode Island). Do you like the way they turned out?

Their Web site says, it is a four unit building with 2 bed/2baths and a roof deck.

Incidentally the old Postal Union building next door looks like it got renovated as well:

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  • Like it. It’s a modern take on traditional, not excessively tall and doesn’t look so jarringly out of place.

  • Looks Pretty! (Pretty Expensive)

  • lot of bldg activity on that stretch of 11th street. smart as a flipper/developer, possibly smart as a buyer, but that side of logan ain’t much fun right now. between the laundromat and diamond taxi, you aint got much going on.

    • I don’t know if this particular unit is smart as a buyer or not, but guessing it is. that side of logan may not be the same as the 1400 blocks of P St and RI, but it is incredibly close to that area. In a few years I predict you see very few, if any, delapidated looking homes or empty lots between 9th and 14th in the Shaw/Logan Circle area.

  • looks great.

  • Yep looks good.

  • 1511 11th(the former carpet store next to the former Postal Union) is in the pipeline to be renovated as well.

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