Judging Memorials – Robert A. Taft

This is the first time I’ve heard bells ringing that didn’t come from a church. The Robert A. Taft memorial is located near Union Station at the intersection of First St and Louisiana Ave, NW. Anyone else heard of a memorial having bells before? It was ringing on Sat. afternoon around 3pm.

Also is this a memorial to the Senator Robert A Taft who opposed the New Deal?

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  • It’s called a carillon. There is also one on the grounds of the Iwo Jima memorial, too. It’s that tall, black obelisk-looking thing up on the hill.

  • Only slightly better looking than the Nixon Memorial…slightly.

  • Sparta

    Robert Taft was a Republican senator in the 1940s and early 1950s. He authored the Taft Hartley Act in 1947, the first major rollback of a New Deal Law, the National Labor Relations Act. The NLRA, pased during the Depression, gave workers the power to form unions.

    The TH Act amended the NLRA in a host of ways, including making it illegal for supervisors (managers) to join unions and giving management lots of tools to fight workers seeking to form unions.

    The memorial is the only one on the Mall dedicated to a member of Congress. It was paid for by a private group that supported Taft. He ran for Republican nomination for President 3x and lost 3x.

  • Sparta is correct. He was known as “Mr. Republican” and he was thought to have a lock on the presidency until Ike decided to register as a Republican and won it all. Taft was from Ohio and the family was still active in local Ohio politics until recently. I’m sure some other POPville contributor can “chime” in here. Sorry about that…

  • A memorial fit for a RAT.

    The Taft family was a scourge on Ohio politics until Bob Taft (RAT’s grandson) left office in 2006 after serving two four-year terms. Bob Taft was a terrible governor and was in effect Ohio’s version of George W. Bush–only ever won anything because of his family name. He was convicted of a misdemeanor in 2005 for failing to disclose gifts while in office and were it not for an overwhelmingly Republican legislature would have been impeached, as his criminal actions were impeachable offenses under the Ohio Constitution.

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