Dear PoP – Snow Shoveling Props and Shame

“Dear PoP,

I was so proud of my neighbors on 20th St, NW for shoveling this morning, I just had to take a picture. Our entire block was clear and safe this morning. But that warm and fuzzy feeling dissipated as soon as I hit Connecticut Avenue, where few shop owners bother to shovel. Some did and some didn’t, so I had to get a picture to show the contrast. City staff were busy clearing Dupont Circle, the scene of another snowball fight last night. Roads are clear, but the medians between lanes were still treacherous for pedestrians.”

Every year we have heroes and villains. If you’d like to give props or nominate businesses for shoveling shame, you can do so here.

I have to give props to two of my neighbors who fixed a downed cable wire for me this morning.

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  • Red Lounge at 2013 14th st have never shoveled in the 6 years i have been living here. I hope someone falls and sues them.

  • SHAME: St. Gregory Hotel at 2033 M St NW had employees shoveling snow onto the street, from the curb well into the 2nd and 3rd lanes of traffic. I called 911 on them because that is both idiotic and dangerous.

  • You get eight hours from the first day after the snowfall to do it. Patience grasshopper, patience.

  • Chipotle in Woodley Park always clear their sidewalk promptly. Thanks!

  • Whole Foods refuses to shovel in front of their parking lot in the 1400 Block of Church.

    St. Lukes Church never shovels around their parking lot on the 1500 Block of P and Church Streets.

  • Glad you said something. I was very proud too. I walked in CP, MP, and CH today. Neighbors did a marvelous job all over.

  • So it was part of my job to shovel the patch of snow the photographer was standing on, and I can’t help but feel shamed unfairly. I actually saw the person take this picture as I was about to go outside, and had a feeling it would turn up somewhere. I spent 30 minutes hacking through layers of ice with a really crappy shovel to clear the sidewalk, and my shoulders are totally protesting tonight! Okay, I feel much better now, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I guess this just irked me & I got all defensive because not shoveling one’s walk is a huge personal pet peeve of mine. I also didn’t want to see the store’s reputation besmirched because I was late to work this morning.

  • 3400 Block of Warder St had all but a few houses shovel this time!

    Way to go neighbors – especially important since there is a school one block away and a new senior center close by.

  • SHAME to Metro for never clearing the sidewalks around the triangle property between New Hampshire, 8th, and Randolph. A lot of people walk past there going to the GA Ave/Petworth station and every time the snow gets packed down and dangerous.

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