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  • i heard it was going to be a bodega.

  • Has anyone tried the new Florida Ave Coffee place at 2d and Fl. Ave NW?

  • That stretch of North Capitol is a real treat, you have about three liquor stores jammed into a small space. On some days you can’t walk on the sidewalk because so many customers of the stores are “sharing” their purchases.

    • there are 3 liquor stores from new york ave to florida ave, that’s almost 5 blocks.
      the problem is only at big ben.

  • How much to rent the 2 BR apt upstairs…

  • How can so many liquor stores stay in business in DC? Ive wondered that many time. They all sell the same product. You could not have three dry cleaners in 5 blocks or 3 gas stations in 5 blocks or 3 convenience stores in 3 blocks. How much liquor does a city need?

    • Agreed – same problem on GA Avenue with Liquor Stores, Nail shops, and Hair braiding.

    • Actually, I’ve frequently seen three gas stations within *one* block . . .

    • There’s at least four drycleaners in a three-block raidus centered on 14th/Park/Kenyon. Similiar businesses have similiar criteria for site selection, hence the clustering.

    • TC is host to the largest concentration of social services in the city. In the morning, people are bussed in to SOME and other services from across the district. Unfortunately, once there, there is no thought given to where these people should go after getting a hot meal and/or treatment. That’s why Big Ben, Florida/NCap, and the 1st/Fl park have such a large population during the day.

      The washington post article on the ‘rush hour’ of the homeless highlighted the area as one of the destination points for individuals existing shelters in the morning.

    • do you find it crazy that some neighborhoods have more than a few bars? why the need for so many?
      because people like to drink. and people in poor neighborhoods are more likely to drink at home because its cheaper. also, some of these places have groceries and historically dc has had far too few groceries.
      plus, a lot of times the business owner is also the land lord and they bought the place when it was dirt cheap.

      • “do you find it crazy that some neighborhoods have more than a few bars?”

        Why would anyone find that crazy? Bars are a destination, and each has a unique character and attributes. Liquor stores, on the other hand, are a commodity retailer that all carry basically the same product.

        But nice try attempting to turn this into a gentrifiers vs. poor people argument.

        • ben, i don’t think its a “Versus” anything. i think that poor folks don’t hit bars as much as they hit liquor stores. not everything is an argument, why try to make it out that way?
          clearly there are a few liquor stores, so i think it’s fair to assume they make profits. therefore there is demand for them.
          this neighborhood has a lot of poor people, and people that got into the habit of drinking at home with friends, family, and neighbors since there haven’t been bars around there in a long time.

  • Last night a man was shot and killed at the bus stop located at Florida and North Capitol.

  • ah

    Apparently the coffee wasn’t coming soon enough for someone with a caffeine headache.

  • why assume that the broken window means “unfortunately they haven’t gotten a very nice reception from some”? come on… was that necessary?

    • So the broken window *is* a nice welcome?

      • a broken window is a broken window – which could have been caused by a number of unmenacing things. why be so quick to attribute it to something negative? that’s all…

    • Seemed like an accurate comment to me.
      Also explains why we can’t have nice things.
      Once apprehended, the perpetrator(s) need to be spayed/neutered as well as having their arms amputated. Can’t let ’em go making more stupid people.

  • I REALLY wonder how the sex salon next door will do with a coffee shop next door?

  • SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I am shocked, shocked to hear about the sex salon.

  • Happy to hear about the coffee place. When I moved in around the corner in 2003, there was a cute, idiosyncratic and artsy little coffeeshop right nearby on North Cap, believe it or not, but it’s been closed for several years. This’ll be closer than Big Bear!

    • the place was called ellas.
      ellas was a very nice place. had the first brunch in the area.
      but it was open irregularly. she was a bit ahead of the curve and not a great business person.
      it was only open a year or so.

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