And While We’re Talking About Possibly Renaming Things…

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Just got an email from Shadow Senator Paul Strauss about “our plan to change the name of Pennsylvania Avenue to help promote our struggle for DC Statehood.”

Washington City Paper reported on some of the proposed names for the 1300 and 1400 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue NW:

* Give D.C. Statehood Avenue
* Statehood for D.C. Avenue
* D.C. for Statehood Avenue
* D.C. Demands Statehood Avenue
* D.C. Statehood Now Avenue
* D.C. Demands Full Democracy Avenue
* Give D.C. Full Democracy Avenue

The council is also considering a new message to accompany the “Welcome to Washington” signs along the D.C.-Maryland line.

Anyone think this is a good idea?  If so, what do you think the name should be changed to?

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  • Can they renamed the 1600 block? That would bring a lot more attention.

  • Why just the 1300 and 1400 blocks? Can they not rename 1600 as well? — changing the White House’s address to 1600 DC Statehood Now Avenue?

    • ah

      Or rename 12th Street btw Const. and Penn “Taxation without Representation Street”

    • It would be at 1300-1400 Pennsylvania because that’s where the Wilson Building/City Hall is, also where they have the clock that indicates the amount of taxes DC residents pay. It’s symbolic.

  • Whiner Boulevard

  • This is just so stupid – changing only portions of Pennsylvannia Avenue. It will acheive nothing. This seems very much like protesting: Unless the effort/idea is huge, repeated often, and widely attended/accepted, nothing changes.

    DC council should round up some people and start a real grass roots effort – come on leaders.

    The problem I think is simple to understand. This is not important to most in DC, except those old school types.

    Not to mention, changing the consitituion is not an easy thing.

  • Yeah. ‘Cause that’ll show ’em

  • Chocolate City Avenue – where the locals don’t actually need to vote

  • Stupid and pointless.

  • could someone pithy help them out, because those are slogans, not a dedicatory street name.

  • Well I hope that Google Maps has fun with it:

    Take 1st left onto Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Continue onto D.C. Demands Full Democracy Avenue NW
    Head straight to Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Turn at 2nd cross street onto 9th St NW

    • ah

      If Google Maps were actually having fun with it it would say “Take 1st left onto Pennsylvania Avenue. Head straight to Congress to introduce constitutional amendment. Continue onto Pennsylvania Avenue. . . “

  • @ anon- you’re obviously a transplant who hasn’t changed your residency. if you ever do, decide to abide by the law again that is, you’ll realize that it really is unfair

  • An uninspired stunt. How about we raise some a few bucks and pay some bankrupt cities across the US to rename their own Washington Streets. I think it would be great to have a DC Statehood Ave in say, Harrisburg PA. That cities is broke and it does have a Wash Ave.

  • I think Congress may approve “1300 No Way NW” before any of those listed.

  • Representation Ave.

  • Congress can overturn and overrule the DC Council anytime it wants to. Doing this would just make DC look stupid.

    • That might not be too bad, if spun properly. The key would be to get major news outlets involved, and to not come off as an indolent child so much as a concerned city with a population larger than that of Wyoming and nearly as large as Vermont.

  • “We can’t live within our means, and it will only get worse if given a full voting member of Congress Ave.”


    “Home of the Grahamstander Blvd.”

  • i really don’t understand what people don’t get about this? there is no constitutional mandate for dc to have a vote. NONE!

    • saf

      Or for Hawaii, or Alaska, or Wyoming, or…..

      Amendments and statehood admissions happen. The constitution is not immutable.

    • ah

      It would get a vote (well, 2 senators and a rep) if it were made into a state. There’s a clear constitutional process for that.

      The issue now is whether there’s constitutional authority (or prohibition) for a vote without being a state.

    • yes, we know. and we want to change that.
      what don’t you get about that?

    • Exactly. That’s the point of all of this…We get taxed without representation (i.e., vote), and you can only vote if you are a state. Therefore, make DC a state so we can vote. What don’t YOU get about this?

  • This is not going to happen people and I support the idea of statehood or at least representation.

    As long as the majority in Congress is white and the majority in our beloved city is not – not going to happen.

  • Something similiar was tried when they changed the name of small prorion of South Cpaitol Street SE to ‘Taxation Without Representation Street SE.’ Did this help?

    It is time for mass protests!

  • *** Dump Politicians and Return to Federal City Avenue to Prosperity ***

  • Here’s a better idea: chnge your mailing address. For instance, if you live in Petworth, put Petworth, DC 20001 as your mailing address. The post office goes by zip code anyway. And if everyone used their neighbohood name, then DC would look like they have what every other state has: little towns. At least it wouldn’t be a monolithic single entity.

    Georgetown, DC
    Brightwood, DC
    Adams Morgan, DC
    Brookland, DC

    Live in Downtown DC, inside the original borders of Washington City (i.e. below Florida Ave)? You can still call yourself Washington, DC

  • houseintherear

    I like the idea of the sign change. “Welcome to Washington D.C. We’re not a state, but we should be.”

  • It should be Representation Avenue.


    DC has no voting Member of Congress;Despite lacking meaningful voting power, DC has an inordinate number of lobbyists;DC also has a lot of people who need legal assistance, for a host of reasons.
    The name Representation Avenue would call out for enfranchisement, highlight the seamy pay-to-play side of DC and draw attention to our city’s many different criminal defendants and their hardworking attorneys.

    It’s a great one-word explanation of our city.

  • I can see it now: The floor recognizes Senator Marian Barry… (audible groans)

    Just what we need. Way to think it through DC!

    Better off lacking representation and challenging the congressional authority to impose Federal Income Taxes. Reference: Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, etc.

    That is, of course, no more likely to succeed of course, but DC would be better off with less politicians, not more.

  • I can’t believe all the negative nellies. It’s important to step up all our shows of solidarity — however little a difference they make individually. They add up.

  • There is no street sign on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House to change.

    Signs greeting out of towners are a great idea. “Welcome to Washington; Taxation Without Representation.” Whenever I drive my DC-plated car far out of town, I usually get into a conversation about that similar content on the plate. It’s good education for the masses.

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