Pho Viet Gets Awesome Review in the Post

A long time favorite of PoPville, Pho Viet located at 3513 14th Street, NW gets some serious love from the Washington Post this weekend:

What makes the broth from this kitchen so intoxicating is its clarity. If it weren’t for the fine white noodles occupying the center of the bowl, a diner could see straight to the bottom. Dip your spoon into the pale golden liquid, raise it to your lips and taste: Nguyen says it can take 12 hours for her to make the stock, which starts with beef bones and water and develops with onion and ginger, and I believe it. The result is limpid yet rich.

And Pho is arguably the best meal for this weather. I celebrated my Jewish Christmas there and couldn’t have been happier. If you are lucky enough to live within a 1 mile radius – they deliver! (202-629-2839) You can see all their Pho options here.

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  • We need more Pho on Ga Avenue!!! I would love to pull up to a shop on my way home to a nice clean spot. Cleanliness being a must. I end up going all the way to Rockville for Pho75, and that place is a hole in the wall.

  • That’s great news. I hope they continue to do well! The food here is great. I definitely wouldn’t recommend delivery, though. I loved the pho, but there were SO many styrofoam and plastic containers for all the separate ingredients that you normally add yourself at the table (basil, bean sprouts, spicy stuff, etc). It truly pained my little green heart to have to throw so much packaging in the trash….

    BUT, a +many on dining at the restaurant!!

    • i agree. it’s such a production to unwrap everything packaged separately and combine them. easier to just go sit down there for a couple minutes and let them prepare it for you.

      i’m a big fan of pho viet. agree with the other guy that while not as good as pho 75 and other places further out, it is really really good.

  • Can someone help me with what I think is a fundamental flaw with Pho?

    It sucks that the first bite is 1000x better than the last bite. There is no other food where the disparity is so huge. You might be able to say an apple, but at least with an apple it’s not a pain to take your last bite.

    With Pho, your last bite is scraping for little bits and pieces of leftover meat and veggies after the noodles are already long gone. Not only is it an unsatisfying bite, it takes so much effort. Worst of all, after such a tasty dish, it’s such an anticlimactic finish – perhaps even moreso than Matrix Revolutions.

    This is the fundamental flaw of Pho and I don’t know how to get past it.

    • Stop eating sooner.

    • Tell them to add extra meat and pace yourself. Stir it well before you begin eating. Or Use Hoisin sauce or hot pepper, but only apply it to the portion on your chopsticks, don’t stir sauces into your broth. Your problem can most likely be attributed to User Error. 😛

      • I was told the Asian way of eating pho was to put the plum sauce and hot sauce into the spoon then use the chopsticks to deep the noodles or meat into the sauce then eat. That way all of your noodles are flavored. Also your experience with Pho is to damn complicated for such a simple dish. I never heard anyway one describe food in such a manner. My pizza is so anticlimantic once I reach the crust. What the hell is wrong with you?

        • Are you crazy? Pizza is a great example of uniformity of delicious bites. If you don’t like ending up at the crust, just eat pizza sideways so the crust is part of your regular bite rotation. That’s what I do

          Clearly I am on another level than most on this blog when it comes to eating techniques that maximize and balance deliciousness of bites

    • maybe eating it more carefully so you actually have noodles at the end? what a weird beef (pun intended) to have with pho! and so specific!

      I say relax and enjoy – no matter what’s in that last spoonful. It’s all delicious!

    • Maybe I will be more careful about eating it to do my best to make my last bite as similar as possible to my first

      Sometimes you have to be really thoughtful about how you eat food

      Like when I get chips and guacamole from Chipotle… you can be sure I am balancing the chip/guacamole equilibrium to not end up with undipped chips or unscooped guacamole

  • It seems that you have a problem with stews generically. Eventually, you’re always going to run out of meat.

    I usually file my generic food grievances with the French Consulate, but I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule. I think the UN might also be an appropriate venue.

  • This is the best Pho I’ve had in DC. It’s still not as good as Pho 75, but it comes close enough. The banh mi sandwich is also quite good, as is the Vietnamese coffee.

  • Question: We went to Pho Viet just after it opened and were underwhelmed. Has it improved over the months? Or are Tom and I — and many PoP readers, in different wavelengths?

  • The broth here is far too tepid for such accolades.

  • I think the broth has gotten a bit richer recently. But it might be a little less flavorful than Pho 75. I’d guess that’s at least partly due to the fact that 75 uses lots of MSG.

  • OK…now the important question/comment:
    Why does Pho Viet not allow diners to bring their own alcohol??? We’ve had the same experience at Pho 14. A restaurant that doesn’t serve alcohol should allow BYOB right? Do you need a special BYOB license in DC? I love the fact that I have two excellent Vietnamese restaurants within 5 blocks of my place, but I want some beer with my Pho dammit!

    • saf

      “Do you need a special BYOB license in DC?”

      No, you just need a liquor license. No license, no booze on premises.

    • Maybe they don’t want to deal with people drinking in their tiny restaurant. I’ve never understood the desire to drink with Pho. There’s enough liquid sloshing around in my belly by the end of the bowl.

    • I don’t get why there has to be booze. Try some of the Vietnamese coffee or some tea.

  • you’re eating it wrong.

  • Sorry, not fan. I once called and ordered something for delivery; this was BEFORE they implemented the rule of 1 mile delivery radius. I am 1.2 miles from their location according to popular online map/directions sites. It took them 2.5 hours to deliver the food.

    So thought it was a fluke, everyone has a bad day, so let’s give them another try. They refused and gave that 1 mile delivery radius BS. “Fine,” I told them, “I’ll take my business elsewhere.” So Pho-k them. From that moment on, my pho business goes to Pho 14.

  • sorry I came to this post late, but they don’t have tripe. What’s with that.

  • I’ve often wondered, where did the Jewish tradition of going out to dinner at a Chinese or otherwise Asian restaurant on Christmas originate? Just about everyone I know who is Jewish does this with their families!

    • Because Asian spots are often the only restaurants open on Christmas day. And, until relatively recently, Chinese restaurants were the ONLY Asian restaurants.

  • oh, and I ate at Pho Viet once and thought it was ok. I think Pho 14 is significantly better.

    I tried Pho DC last week — it was ok, not as good as Pho 14. Too expensive for Pho. HUGE servings with lots of meat (too much imo), but still too much $$ for Pho.

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