New Mt. Pleasant Marketing Signs

Thanks to a reader for sending in these shots from a Mt. Pleasant St, NW bus shelter. It looks like it is from a District marketing program. I’ve been curious about this marketing program – I know I’ve seen some for H St, NE as well – do you think it’s a good use of district funds? Do you think they are effective?

And while we’re on the topic of signs – I know that there has been some controversy about placing some “Mid City” signs in the U St, NW area. What are your thoughts about these banners and banner marketing in general?

For the record, I’m a huge supporter of neighborhood banners.

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  • I saw Ian Mackaye with his young family by this bus stop a month or so back. So far thats pretty much the only endorsement i can give as of yet.

  • Rather than a marketing campaign, why don’t they start by being a bit less reactionary to any change in the neighborhood? Cleveland Park maintains that whole “village in a city” mindset as well, which sounds quaint and all but more often than not equates to “keep change out at any cost”. Mount Pleasant Avenue should be much more vibrant than it is, and that’s due in large part to the NIMBYism rampant throughout the neighborhood. A few banners and posters at bus stops isn’t going to change that climate.

    • The poster aren’t for us they are for visitors to the area.

      That whole “angry with ANC process thing” you got going on has nothing to do with this.

      I love the posters.

      • Of course they’re there for visitors–but I don’t see why the target audience matters in this discussion. The whole “angry with the ANC thing” has very much to do with this, as the obvious intent here is to encourage the patronization of businesses in the neighborhood, whether by visitors or residents. Nice-looking posters are an empty gesture when the overall climate is hostile to businesses, however. Backing off from the anti-growth and change NIMBYism prevalent in the neighborhood would do far more to help Mount Pleasant’s local businesses than any number of posters and banners.

        And this isn’t just an ANC issue. It filters down to many neighborhood residents as well.

  • As suggested by Mount UPleasant, we are going to have to do much more than to hang posters in Mt Pleasant to bring vitality to the local businesses however, this is a positive step forward. Various groups came together to make this happen and that alone increases the value of this project.
    As a Mount Pleasant business owner i am interested to know what changes are being proposed that are not going forward because entities are anti-local business. Without the support of residents most of us would not be able to function as a business. we do get their support however, we need to attract people from other locals too. One of our biggest hurdles is marketing. If we can get the same kind of assistance from the city that it provides to downtown, georgetown, chinatown, ( dream on) and adams morgan, the other issues would not mean much.
    The posters, would have been much more helpful to us if posted in columbia heights and downtown d.c.,
    i dont think the other business owners will mind me stating on their behalf and mine that the design is excellent and the promotion itself is greatly appreciated.

  • Maybe move the abandoned shopping cart too?

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