Washington, DC

I’ve been monitoring this space since Mar de Plata closed here at 1827 Jefferson Place, NW back in August. Looks like they have a healthy appreciation for a proper beer:

Welcome to St. Arnold’s of Jefferson Place! The name St. Arnold refers to the Patron Saint of Brewing, which conjures up visions of great food, world-class beers and an inviting meeting place in the midtown area. During his lifetime, St. Arnold was said to have performed numerous miracles involving the multiplying of beer. He also was a proponent of the consumption of good food and beer, as he felt it was good for the soul and fostered a sense of community. Our inspiration for St. Arnold’s starts here. We strive to offer a menu of Belgian and American classics in a casual setting.

You can see their beer list here.

You can see their menu here.

I peeked my head in and it looks like there is still a few weeks of construction that needs to be completed but I’ll be sure to update when an opening date is selected.

After looking at their beer list and menu – I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is a big score for Dupont. Any spot dedicated to the ‘Patron Saint of Brewing’ has a very promising future in my eyes…


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