Judging Restaurants – Gloria Pupuseria

This is one of the first places I ever ate at in Columbia Heights, I think in late 2002. Insanely I haven’t been back since for no good reason because I remember leaving full and happy. And I just noticed they just got a bit of a facelift and was wondering if there were any fans out there? They are located at 3411 14th St NW just north of Newton.

How do they compare to Pupuseria San Miguel in Mt. Pleasant?

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  • Susana’s Pupuseria near Randolph and 14th is so much better than Gloria’s.

  • They speak no english whatsoever at Susan’s Pupuseria across from the Derby. Be warned

  • A few Salvadorans I know hate Gloria’s because they claim they don’t stuff their pupusas enough and they seem to have some sort of personal grudge from when they used to sell pupusas out of the now vacant deli at the La Luz Del Mundo church at 14th & Newton, which they claim were the greatest pupusas on Earth.

    So, they tell me Ercilia’s is the best in DC, but to get better pupusas you need to go into Maryland to places I can’t remember the names of.

    Also, I’m the father of internal bushings.

  • I am a fan of Ercillia’s, but the best place I have been to in the DC area is Dona Azuela in Arlingon (on Glebe Rd right by Rt. 50). I haven’t tried Glorias yet, but I am interested.

  • For those who need help at Susana’s…

    Loroco = Pork (I know loroco is a type of flower, but here they use it for the word ‘pork’)
    Revuelto = Pork and Cheese
    de Queso = obvious, I hope
    con Frijoles revueltos = refried beans
    con todo! = with everything…

    Curtido = salad on the side consisting of cabbage and slightly spicy red ‘salsa’

    Oh and if you think you’re under and I mean under paying…The pupusas cost $1.10 each (I believe…I went over a month ago).

  • Rinconcito II

  • best pupusas in the city are the handmade ones at RFK stadiums during the DC united game! I wish Nationals would sell pupusas too.

  • You sure youre not confusing ‘porko” for “loroco?” loroco pupusas are vegetarian and as a salvadoran and restaurant owner i can tell you thats definitely not right.

  • loroco is cheese with that nasty little green thing that looks like a bean sprout, obvi not my fave. I think the best ones are at San Miguel in MtP.

  • I am a fan of Gloria’s.

    They are always very pleasant in there, and my standard $5 for 3 pupusas revueltas order has never disappointed.

    I think they may even have some competent English speakers in there too, but I’m not sure por que siempre hablo Espanol.

  • I do enjoy Gloria’s but also don’t go often enough, probably because they only take cash. Anyway, last time I got pupusas and some steak dish with rice and beans (I forget the name) but it was awesome! The pupusas are standard, and if you live close by it’s the best option.

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