Heating the streets of Georgetown

I seem to remember there was some discussion over the summer about Georgetown shops leaving their doors open to invite patrons in but as a result ended up wasting serious air conditioning. Who knew it also applied to Winter. Last weekend I noticed the new Ugg store on Wisconsin Ave had its door propped open on Sunday (it was about 28 degrees outside).

Ridiculous or if they can afford the cost who cares?

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  • Ugg Store?! Georgetown?!

    oh fer crissake….

  • There are a lot of warehouses that have downdraft fans above cargo doors to prevent temperature loss. Why not make it mandatory that stores have these above entry doors if they decide to prop it open? It would make business sense to have one. Maybe the shop owners don’t know about them.

  • Of course it’s a ridiculous waste of energy, but since it’s the Uggs Store, I can’t imagine we’ll have to worry about it for another winter. Their 15 minutes are just about up.

    • I got a pair of Ugg slippers for xmas and they are fantastic. Granted, I’m not wearing them outside with a miniskirt, but you have to admit they are good at keeping the feet warm (as long as it’s not raining or snowing, in which case they are totally useless)

    • Their 15 mins that started in what….2008 or so?

  • jburka

    15 months ago Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams did a chat on washingtonpost.com and I called them on the issue…here’s their response:

    NoLo, D.C.: In keeping with the eco-conscious bent of today’s section, can I just say that all summer long, when I walk past the Gold + Williams store on 14th (which I do numerous times a week), it drives me nuts that the doors are always propped open, with the A/C blasting! Does keeping the doors open really bring in so many more customers that it’s worth the energy expenditure?

    Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams: ya know….I agree with you, but it definitely makes the store more inviting to keep the doors open. I’ve stood there and just watched people stop, look and come in. We’ve seen that it does not make much difference in our bill.

    • Wow, that’s ridiculous and irresponsible. I won’t go in stores that do that.

      • Amen. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Responsible business owners know the difference.

      • Agree. I won’t go in stores like that – for one thing, those AC/heat bills go into the cost of goods, and second, as you can gues from my handle, I am an environmentalist, and worry about global warming. In this case, the environment is getting warmed a whole lot more.

  • It takes a lot more energy to do this with heat than AC, and the AC annoyed me.

  • Uuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggg

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