Good Deal or Not? “modern deco lights” edition

This home is located at 710 Quincy St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Semi-detached town home 5 minute walk to Petworth metro. Open and modern kitchen w/ bar, exposed brick on 1st floor, modern deco lights, new whirlpool appliance, 2 sided fireplace in kit, stone countertops, granite sinks and addition off kit. Legal 1 br rental unit in basement w/ eat kitchen and outside storage for bike. Master bedroom suite w/ full bath, and 2 other lg br w/ balcony. Off street park”

You can find more info here and photos here.

So what do you think of the home itself? It was originally on the market for $720,000 but is now being offered at $690,000. What do you think this 3 bed/3.5 bath will actually go for?

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  • Wow. Unattractive from all angles except the cute yellow facade. What’s up with the electrical outlets in the master bath up at 7 feet? Wow. Love the furniture in the bedroom in the basement apartment too. Cardboard box chic. Could you maybe just stack them up neatly at least? Hello staging?

    Aesthetics and staging aside, it seems overpriced by about 100K for the neighborhood.

  • Oy. I don’t know about the price, but WTF is with that fireplace? It looks like it’s just sitting there, impeding access to the kitchen – so odd. Also, do the stacked washer/dryer work OK when they aren’t levelled? Some odd built-ins, and why would you not at least de-clutter before taking the pix. I do like the upstairs porch.

    • Does it look like a wood burning fireplace to you too? If so, boy does that seem like a bad idea. Like, a REAL bad idea.

      • I’ve always wanted a hearth in my house, where I could build fires and maybe even cook pizzas in them. Of course I would like that in a large country cottage – not a cramped Petworth rowhouse.

  • Overpriced by only $100k? I don’t see this selling for 590. Maybe 525? There are some nice houses on the market in Petworth in the 400’s right now – eg

  • I agree on the matter of staging.

    But even if it were perfect and tidy, it wouldn’t be worth $700k. I would say $550k. I mean, I’d love to be wrong, as it would mean good things for my house, but I’d be really surprised if it doesn’t see a few more drops in price.

  • because I really like this house. It does seem over priced but I don’t know what the going rate for that block is.

  • Is that American dollars?

  • Maybe for $690,000 Canadian funbucks.

  • One of the least appealing places I’ve ever seen on GDoN. That price is hilarious.

  • Yeah, it might go in the high 500’s, but a more realistic price is somewhere ~550K.

    To think they were going to get 720K for it is pure lunacy.

  • For that price, you get free lead from the local punks too!

  • The basement rental adds serious value to the house. I think it goes for $550,000 or higher.

    • I tend to agree. The basement rental probably brings in $1k+/mo. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get close to 600.

  • Excellent way to stage a home! NOT…

    • My favorite photo was of the master bath – with champagne, candles and tissues next to it. Someone had a fun night!

  • Apparently the sellers have been buying too much Petworth quality grade crack. Anyone who watches some HGTV knows that neutrality and proper staging is what helps sell a house that is priced according to the comps. Regular grade Petworth housing is not in the $700’s. This house will probably sell around the mid 5’s if it’s cleaned up. In this condition they will probably fetch low 5’s. They need to find a realtor with experience that can educate these sellers. Obviously they are not serious about selling there home and moving on.

  • I like the downspout leading to the basement door and the beautiful backyard.

  • This place is atrocious. No way it goes over 500. The fireplace doesnt seem like it could be both functional and safe. The bathroom is hideous. Its one of the worst places I’ve ever seen. This place will sit on the market for months. The ONLY thing that may save it from the 400s is the rental basement, which looks cramped and unappealing.

    Not to mention the house looks tiny for what 500 could buy you in Petworth.

  • For example: and tour here:

    This place has been on the market for 65 days, has one less bathroom, is further from the metro but is better staged, better finishes, and is just an all around nicer looking house.

    Its priced at $450,000 and hasnt sold. This monstrosity is supposed to sell for 690!? haha.


    71 days and it is $440,000 – down from $530000… its location is pretty far north though.

    • Somebody has to jump on that place. I think it is worth a lot more than $440,000. Yeah, it’s a 12-15 minute walk to the metro, but still underpriced.

  • The comments about the staging compelled me to check out the photos. I must say I’m disappointed– they’re really not THAT bad.

  • the basement unit is a great feature, and i kind of like the open fire place, however, given the apparent contractor-grade fixtures, and the overall awkwardness of this house, they definitely need that list price to begin with a 5. ‘

    the current pricing is what you get when you hire an agent from a no-name company, rather than reputable one.

  • There are plenty of 3 BR homes throughout Petworth going for $500k and under. Why on earth would anyone think this place was worth over $700k?

    It did give me a good laugh, though.

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