Good Deal or Not? “abundant period details” edition

This home is located at 901 C St, NE:

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The flier says:

“AMAZING NEW PRICE! Architecturally stunning corner Victorian w/ amazing street presence & abundant period details. Fab CH location. Outside: lush wrap-around yard, secluded brick patio & off-st pkg for 2 cars! Inside: grand & elegant formal LR & DR, rare main level fam rm, wood flrs, 3 xlg BRs, 3 FPLs, updated KI, BA & systems. Unfinished Bsmt offers unlimited potential. 3 exposures & loads of windows!”

You can find more info here and a thorough virtual tour here.

This is one of the better virtual tours I’ve seen in a while. What’d you think of the house itself? Have a favorite room?

The price has dropped from $975,000 to $899,900 for this 3 bed/2.5 bath?

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  • SouthwestDC

    I saw this one a few weeks ago and can honestly say it’s one of the nicest homes I’ve seen on Capitol Hill for under $1 mil (and I’ve seen a lot!).

    Nevertheless, I think the price needs to come down some more. The location between Stanton and Lincoln parks, while quiet and charming, is not near any of the Capitol Hill hotspots (Barracks Row, Eastern Market, H Street, Union Station). While there’s easy access to the buses that run up and down 8th and C Streets, you’d have a hike to get to the metro. None of these things are major drawbacks, but a Hill home of this size for $900k should at least be closer to Eastern Market, Capitol South, or Union Station. Also, for this price the basement should be immediately rentable– this one is not.

    Drop it down another $75k and I would seriously consider making an offer.

    • I’m concerned with the definition of “near”. From this location you can pretty much walk to Eastern Mkt in no time (less than 10 mins(metro 15))-Barracks row not much farther, H Street in 10 mins(street cars soon)…Union Station probably would take 15, but by no means would it be a bad walk – through a park. I look at this as the house is actually better placed to get to alot of different locations. Had the house been closer to East Mkt, then H street wouldn’t be walkable, the same if the house was closer to H street. In-between two different parks-walkable to two metro lines, one streetcar line, and buses one block away…I do however think the price may be a bit much, 10-15K..there is another house on this block that is a bit lower..and I think C Street brings in alot of maryland folks…but the location is (to me) great.

      • also this is just a general comment(probably a bad one at that)..peeps who are able to afford million dollar they ride the metro? I know I would, but I can’t afford a million dollar home…wondering with that much wealth, do they just drive every where? I know that proximity to metro drive us home prices, but at which price point does it start to deminish? Georgetown prices?

        • SouthwestDC

          My partner and I currently share a car (we’re currently out in Fairfax County), and it would be nice to give even that one up when we move to the city. Why would the sale price determine whether we own a car or not?

        • SouthwestDC

          I sort of botched my reply… what I meant to say is that my partner and I are normal people just like you who prefer walking and public transit to driving. If we put down the 20% downpayment we’ve been saving up (there’s a reason we’ve been living in the shitty suburbs for all these years) and split the remainder it’s $360k a person. Admittedly a $360k mortgage is getting close to the edges of my comfort zone, which is why a finished, rental basement would have helped here.

      • SouthwestDC

        It is more than a 10 minute walk to Eastern Market– more like 15. That’s an extra half hour of walking every day. I’m well versed with prices in this area, and for $900k the house should be less than half a mile from the metro.

        • If you can afford a $900K house (and this house will go for that), you probably can afford a car to drive your lazy ass to Eastern Market.

          It’s a 10-minute walk.

          • SouthwestDC

            Wow. You people are harsh! So if I can can afford a $900k house I’m obviously rolling around in money and should not be making smart purchases? Apparently you are not in the market for this kind of house, so let me inform you that there have been several on the market recently for less than $900k that were less than a block from Eastern Market and were just as big. So why would I buy this house when I can buy one that has a higher value for less? One doesn’t have to be lazy to see the logic in that.

          • I’m the world’s fastest walker…people always complain that they can’t keep up with me… I’ve done this walk and it’s definitely more like 15 or 20 min.

        • you might think that, but it has no basis in market reality.
          in fact, the most expensive areas in dc are not metroaccesible at all.

          • SouthwestDC

            Sure, but this isn’t the Palisades. On Capitol Hill, proximity to the metro DOES affect a home’s value, and this house is priced more like one that would be 2 blocks from the metro. Not 8.

          • Yep. 522 G St SE is similar to this house: large corner unit with 3 bedrooms , no in-law suite, beautiful renovations/finishes, listed in the high $800’s.

    • I live around the corner at 9th/Constitution. I wouldn’t exactly call the walk to either Eastern Market or Union Station a “hike”. I want to either in 10 minutes in the morning.

      Btw, like another poster said, I’ve admired this home for years!!

      • That seems hard to believe. Google transit says it’s a 15 minute walk. And that’s not counting the times you have to stop and wait for traffic to pass or a light to change.

        • Yeah. Google Transit. Yeah. How long does Google Transit say it takes for you to walk from Woodbridge to Clydes in Chinatown?

  • This is right around the corner from where I lived on Capitol Hill, and my rented house was a non-end-unit version of this house, right down to the unfinished basement. We didn’t have the extra kitchen space or the attached master bath. It was a very nice, large liveable house.

    Tastes vary, but I think this house is GORGEOUS. I love the non-modern decor (with the exception of the dark red bedroom), and all the little architectural details, the bright red back fence, everything.

  • The decor won’t be for everyone, but the pictures look great. This house will make someone very happy — it’s a little small for a family, but easy enough to finish out half the basement for a fourth bedroom and additional bath. I say it goes at slightly more than this asking price.

    • SouthwestDC

      Doubtful, as it’s been on the market for over three months now and demand is decreasing as we move into winter. The price has dropped twice already, and the property has been at $899k for at least three weeks now with no movement.

    • SouthwestDC

      Also, unlike most Capitol Hill rowhouses the second and third bedrooms are big enough to actually use as bedrooms. So I think the size would be fine for a family with a couple of kids.

      • most?
        have you been in most?
        “most” that i’ve been in have small but very usable 2nd and 3rd bedrooms.
        what size are most of them?

        • SouthwestDC

          I’ve seen about 10 Capitol rowhomes in the $600-900k range every month for the past year and a half. I guess that’s about 180? Usually they have a large master bedroom but the others are really only big enough for a nursery or office. In some cases you could fit a twin bed and maybe a small dresser but it would be cramped. Of course, I haven’t seen the more expensive houses, which I imagine would have more space.

  • Newer price is much closer to reality – especially considering the market.

    They may have over staged or understaged because I am having a hard time understanding that first room with a fireplace.

  • Pretty good deal – and its perfectly sized for a family of four. Not a fan of the drapes or the kitchen but they are either easily removed or liveable. Add a guest bed and family room downstairs and this house is easily $1M territory.
    I can haz for christmas?

  • I think it’s a pretty good deal, maybe just a little overpriced for lack of easy metro access. I would also change the kitchen and drapes. But it has plenty of decent space, it’s nice and bright, the period details are lovely, and I’m nuts about that back patio/pergola spot. Plus all those fantastic built-in cabinets and bookcases! Beautiful house.

  • Agree with Caroline. I used to live next door. LIKE this block, but for the money they are asking, this should be a LOVE.

  • “Unfinished Bsmt offers unlimited potential”

    That claim made me laugh, maybe you can open a Wal-Mart down there.

  • We visited this place at an open house. It looks better in the pictures than in person. The finishing just wasn’t up to snuff. Lots of stripping an sanding to get all of the wood finishes back into shape. The tile in the entryway is also cheap looking ceramic, rather that something more fitting like marble. The place just looked a little “well used.”

    It also really needs a new kitchen. The current layout just doesn’t work, so anyone who is putting an offer in is likely calculating the 50-75K they would want to put into the kitchen. It’s a big space and really needs a peninsula added with barstools (and a small wall removed from the butler’s pantry).

    The basement ceiling is too low to just be renovated. It would need to be dug out. Its probably only 6.5′ high, at most from slab to rafters.

    That said, the front rooms were majestic and well-shaped. I love the outside and landscaping. It’s really beautiful. It would be a great place for a couple, but doesn’t really have a good layout for a family. The front rooms are too formal looking for kids and there isn’t really a place for a play space.

    • SouthwestDC

      That was my impression as well. I can’t believe so many commenters are attacking me for not wanting a $900k house, beutiful as it is, to have better features that make it worth the price. Clearly I’m not the only one who felt this way, since the house sat on the market for over three months before someone made an offer.

  • Pretty good deal, to my mind. Think it’s a bit funny when people slam on it for having a central location, though. Five blocks from H Street. Close to Eastern Market. Equidistant to Stanton and Lincoln Parks. Right on the D6 route. Heavy bikeshare presence on the Hill. You’ve got a ton of options.

    • That’s not the point– we’re talking comps when we talk about the location. There’s another 3 bed/2.5 bath on this block that has a fully finished basement and is being listed at $769k.

      • what is the $/sq foot of both?

        • nevermind, the one listed for 769k..actually has the more expensive sq ft-$504 versus the one above ($424)…not sure if they both include the basement or not. How does $424 per sqft compare to other homes on the hill?

          Caroline-buy the house you want, don’t listen to anyone but you and your partner. The Hill is a great place with lots of good houses..hold out for the right one.

          This house was obviously overpriced until it went down to 899K..which seems to have been the lucky number.

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