Dear PoP – Coffee on Georgia Ave?

“Dear PoP,

Is there a good coffee shop along georgia avenue north of columbia heights, say in the 3000s?”

What can I say? It’s Georgia Ave day today…

When I think of Georgia Ave and coffee two places immediately pop into my head – Sankofa Cafe located at 2714 Georgia Ave. and Qualia Coffee located at 3917 Georgia Ave. And of course there is a Starbucks at 2225 Georgia Ave NW. But for another good one near the 3000s you can go over a couple of blocks to 11th St, NW and hit Columbia Heights Coffee at 3416 11th St NW.

Am I leaving anyone out?

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  • The Yes has good coffee, if you just want one to go. Domku, just off GA Ave, also has good coffee. Haven’t had coffee at Flip It, but the place is kind of cute, so it may be worth a look. I’m sure others will add comments on that place.

  • Sigh, you’ve given away my secret spot. Oh well. Sankofa is amazing. Never crowded, great staff and the best coffee in the city hands down. Unfortunately it’s not Metro accessible so I’m not easily able to get there but great nonetheless.

  • Qualia – excellent coffee, they roast it right in the back of the store.

  • Not crazy about Qualia. Too tiny. Wee cups in a wee room full of hipsters.

  • Qualia brews my favorite coffee in this city. I always try something different from their single pours, and it’s always spectacular. Can’t say much about hanging out there, though, as I’m always grabbing and leaving.

  • jack5

    Amazing there are no Dunkin Donuts shops on all of GA Avenue from Wheaton MD all the way down to the Verizon center. There is also only 1 Starbucks and one 7-11 for all of DC from Chinatown/Shaw all the way to Silver Spring. Redlining? I think so.

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