Dear PoP – Angel Tree in DC?

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“Dear PoP,

In college every year my sorority would always do an “angel tree” fundraiser type thing around christmas where we would have the opportunity to sort of adopt children and adults from different families and fulfill their christmas wishlists. I remember one year I had an elderly woman who asked for things like slippers, and a warm blanket, and then another year I had a brother and sister who asked for small toy gifts as well as socks and things like that…Is there anything like that in the district, a little more personal than the toys for tots drives, etc.?”

We had a similar question in early Nov. about adopting a family and some good recommendations were left here. If anyone has other recommendations/suggestions please leave contact info in the comments here.

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  • I believe many churches participate in this program as well. The Angel Tree program is put on by the Salvation Army, info here:

  • I want to hear more about these sorority girls who want to fulfill your christmas wish list…

  • Every year you can go to the post office by Union Station and pick up a “letter to Santa”. You pick up a letter and fill out a form then provide as many gifts as you like, wrap them and put them in a box addressed to the family. Take it back to the post office and they will delivery it before Christmas for free. We learned to get there early to get the letters with the most serious need. My partner and I have adopted a family each year since our first Christmas together. We’ve even anonymously adopted families in our own neighborhood. Unfortunately most of the letters that will be there at this late date are stuff like I want a iphone and a laptop, etc. Keep it in mind for next year but it still might be worth checking out.

  • Also wanted to mention RAK – Random Acts of Kindness -which I participated in this year. After working with Higher Acheivement to identify the highest risk public elementary schools, we adopted 7 classes at Ferebee-Hope, and each child got a secret santa so every kid got a set of warm clothes and toy. We also collected extra warm clothing for siblings. Santa will be delivering them tomorrow in the classroom. Consider it for next year!

  • Horton’s Kids has an ELF program:

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