Bobby Flay To Challenge Gillian Clark in a Fried Chicken Throwdown

Photo by PoPville flickr user lorigoldberg

From the Food Network:

Renaissance woman Gillian Clark is a woman of many interests, but it’s her golden Fried Chicken recipe that she serves out of her Silver Spring, Maryland restaurant ‘The General Store and Post Office Tavern,” that has guests heading in from all over for a taste of this home fried delicacy. The heat is on! Will Bobby finally win a Fried Chicken Throwdown or will he be fried? Can this battle be put to bed once and for all? Only one way to find out – a Fried Chicken Throwdown!

Program airs Jan. 19th at 8:30pm.

And in other Chef Gillian Clark news – she has set up a Web site for her most recently announced restaurant – Kitchen on K Street – to be located at 250 K Street NE in NoMa.

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  • Oh man that picture looks so good. Almost good enough to drive out of the beltway for.

  • Mmmmmmm! That looks so good! *drool*

  • saf

    Yeah, just be ready to take a heap of abuse with your amazing food.

  • Given all the comments over the years about her less than pleasant disposition it will be interesting to see how she comes across on tv.

  • Are those mashed potatoes in a jar?

    • I think that’s her side of Mac n’Cheese. I’ve had it a couple of times and found it a little dry and a little small. It doesn’t taste as cheesy as I would like.

  • jburka

    Screw the biscuits being back. I want those donuts!

  • Abuse? Jeez, Snarky that is such old news. That ABUSE rant has been played out and disproved. I’ve got my face over a hot stove frying 2000 pieces if chx a week and 40 # of mac. U r lucky if my glasses r clean enuff to see u.

  • Hey Gillian! When are you coming to Park Place on Georgia?

  • Plans are headed for permitting. DCRA be good. April? And thank POP for getting Metro to move that unsightly generator : ) !!

  • bfinpetworth

    If the Park Place spot opens up, I will be forever a fan!

  • I’m really not bad. And have been on FNTV dozens of times. See Snarky and Anon. Don’t believe that crap:

    • I have to admit that whenever I’ve been to the GSPOT in Silver Spring I haven’t witnessed any “side of ‘tude”, however the Yelp reviews are pretty consistent in mentioning the lack of social skills aspect.
      Do you have any idea why those comments are so consistent?

  • bfinpetworth

    Looks like Blue Banana is opening on Monday. Here’s a quick note about it:

  • Yelp is an extortionist website that will soon be gone. Unless you pay to adv bad reviews show up. We opened under a great deal of stress–over budget, under funded, being sued by our landlord. The locals wanted me to smile more and make menu exceptions. Didn’t feel much like smiling. Bitch rumor followed

  • Even tho I owe my attnry a fortune I still find cause to smile, even laugh. There r a lot of false things said when folks get carded or we run out of chx. They’re angry. I get it

  • saf

    Old news, fine, but have you changed? Bet not.

  • Changed? I don’t think we’ve met. Doesn’t everyone change? But I’m still a chef that cares and does her best everyday. Never have been abusive. U on the other hand, r quite nasty and inappropriate and quick to false judgements. Have u changed?

    • You open a restaurant on Georgia and Irving NW, I’ll tell everyone you’re Mother Theresa. You did at least autograph a copy of your book for me. Grumpily, for real, but you did it and it’s been a great read (rendering great recipes), since 09.

      Bobby Flay looks like Howdy Doody.

    • saf

      We have met.

      We were regulars at Colorado Kitchen. We would say hello, we’d be polite to your staff. They tended to be cold. Never even a hello, just a “Wait outside,” or maybe a “we’re out of that.”

      One day there was something wrong with our food. The staff was rude, you refused (loudly and crassly) to talk to us, and it was not made right.

      I’ve heard enough other stories very similar to our experience to know that we were not hallucinating.

      I am neither nasty, nor inappropriate, nor quick to false judgment – that’s a true judgment that was arrived at over the course of many encounters.

      The fact is, your food is great, but you have always had a FoH problem.

      • is FoH something we should know?
        floor on hand problem?
        five-o head problem?
        freak overturning handstand problem?
        fungus on ham problem?
        farfegnugen on hamburg?
        frost on hamburger?

  • @PRofC – Grumpily? Did she throw it in your face? Did you happen to notice if she stopped cooking at the time to take time to sign your book? What was it you expected her to do that disappointed you?

  • saf

    Huh. Ms Clark and her partner sure seem to have plenty of time to watch an awful lot of websites and object whenever they are talked about in less than glowing terms.

  • Gillian- very excited about the prospect of your restarant coming to Park Place. Snarky et al, back off, really. Way to kill great local businesses coming to our neighborhood. This would be a huge plus for Petworth/Columbia Heights. Let your petty grudges go. I hear tons of &%$# from the same 2-3 posters. Let it go. I look forward to great cuisine right here in Petworth.

    Bring it on!

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