Dear PoP – Is DC9 going to be closed indefinitely?

“Dear PoP,

Their web site just has info about donating to the legal defense fund for the staff involved in the beating.”

There was a meeting today saying that their liquor license will continue to be suspended for at least another 30 days. TBD writes:

“The co-owner of the DC9 nightclub has resigned from his role operating the bar and music venue, and four other employees have been let go, members of the District of Columbia’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board learned Monday.”

The sticker on the front door at 1940 9th St, NW still says the license has been suspended indefinitely.

Everyone is still waiting to see what the medical examiner’s report concludes. But since all the parties involved have resigned or been let go – when do you think the club will be allowed to re-open?

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  • It definitely wouldn’t break my heart if this place never reopened.

  • The people involved with this club beat a guy to death. OK, allegedly beat a guy to death. They will probably be forced to sell to cover their legal bills. Let’s hope that the new owners are better people.

    • allegedly is a pretty important word. lucky you for not being in a situation where someone on god knows what throws a brick at you, or your home. but maybe you’d just stand there and watch him run away. but maybe you wouldn’t. hard to know, right?

      • Normal, civilized people who are in control of their actions would definitely just stand there and watch him run away, while calling the police.

      • Wait, if you are happy with the “allegedly” statement when it comes to dc 9 people, doesn’t it also make sense for you to believe that the guy “allegedly throw a brick” not definitely as you seem to indicate ?

  • Could Englert reincorporate and be able to reapply for a licence? Does either of these guys own the mortgage?

    • I’m wondering if, Englert, as a co-owner is financially at risk. There are some legal lines when it’s your employee and you have insurance, but when a co-owner participates, do all co-owners have civil liability?

  • “Co-owner” resigns from the role of operating the venue. Does it mean he has no stake in it?

    These people should be permanently disallowed to ever get involved in the hospitality business again.

  • Why would one contribute to the legal defense of 4 guys who beat to death someone for throwing a brick?

  • When will it be allowed to reopen: Never.

  • Regardless of who beat who to death for what reason, I need a place to drink before 9:30 Club shows. Duffy’s sucks. Oh wait, is that a big Duffy’s logo staring at me as I type this? Dammit.

  • people on here are so sensational! let’s not forget the guy died in police custody… you know, the same ones who STILL haven’t released medical examiners’ reports on the matter.

    whether it should be closed indefinitely should also have a large part to do with the actual findings of the court proceedings, not the distorting accusations made by Lanier.

    • Total BS. Nice attempt to deflect responsibility onto the police. You must be working for the legal defense team trying to create “reasonable doubt”.

      • no, i’m actually one of the ones saying we should throw the book at them on day 1… BUT, don’t you think it’s odd that the police chief publicly made defamatory statements immediately with little evidence and then went on to hide the entire proceedings from the public? it’s certainly suspect in the face of the PR campaign launched by MPD in the face of a lack of evidence to put their suspects away.

        i’m not convinced and i’m not sure a jury will be either. if, BY CHANCE, they aren’t found guilty, would closing the business indefinitely still be considered just?

        • I don’t think anything she said rose to the level of “defamatory” and the police didn’t invent this situation.

          The whole “the police lied” thing is a blatant attempt to deflect responsibility for beating a drunk man 3 blocks away from a business by the owners and his employees. The man died as a result. Whether the charge is 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree murder or at the least, manslaughter, is largely irrelevant to the general public.

          Your conspiracy theory belongs out there with the crop circle enthusiasts. Oh, and we did land on the moon.

          • you’re right. asking questions about authority figures is bad. blindly believing them certainly makes things easier than thinking for myself!

            at the end of the day, you don’t know any more than i do and the jury will know more than both of us.

          • I’m sorry, have you seen the autopsy report? Because I haven’t, and the last I heard, the ME could in no way say that he had died from a “savage beating.”

            Until anyone knows what was going on with this certainly aggressive man, I would say it’s premature for you, random internet commenter, to pass judgment on actions of people who you do not know, for something that you did not witness, and over which there are many conflicting accounts.

  • I am okay with forcing the owners to sell. But why would we not want another decent venue to hear up and coming bands/DJs?

  • How about we wait for the trial before jumping to conclusions. I’m looking at you Ragged Dog.

    • Why don’t we stop trying to deflect responsibility for a man’s death to the police?

      • I didn’t say anything about the police. I said we should wait for a TRIAL before we make any conclusions. That is what our justice system is based on. Innocence until proven guilty.

      • Do you not think it’s weird we don’t have the medical examiner’s report yet? This happened more than two weeks ago. With the information we have now, I think there are reasonable doubts about the club employees’ responsibility. People are just expressing those doubts and are not “trying to deflect responsibility for a man’s death to the police.”

  • Open the club back up. This is unnecessary and punitive before a trial, especially given everyone involved is no longer employed or affiliated with the venue.

  • DC9 is dead. That blows for those of us who loved the place, but yeah, I don’t see them being able to open back up until ownership changes hands, etc.

  • all this aside if someone threw a single brick at me, not to mention two I would beat them without regard for their life.

    I love how the early articles says he “tossed” a brick. You don’t “toss” a brick in anger.

    Since none of us were there lets let the jury figure this one out.

  • Sadist Jurors and Executioners. I thank Christ that you people have little power and just rant on the internet.

  • In this case one of the owners and several employees are alleged to have been directly involved in beating someone to death as a result of an incident that took place at the club. Note that I said “alleged” – innocent until proven guilty. Until this is sorted out, or at least until it is clear that these individuals have no current accociation with the club, it should be closed.
    Not surprising to me and not unfair given the gogo clubs that have been permanently closed because of violence outside the clubs that neither the owners nor the staff had anything to do with.

  • People, get your stories straight. If you are going to say alleged beating, then you should also say alleged brick throwing. The fact you are saying alleged shows you were not there, so you also didn’t see the guy throw / toss a brick, so be fair in your assessments.

    Full disclaimer, I wasn’t there that night. I did attend the vigil.
    I did read several articles about this case and I did form my own opinion, because I am a person and that is what people do. So here goes:
    Allegedly there was another guy who broke the DC9 club window earlier that night. There is also report that Ali did walk over to the club with brick to the club, but no report of him actually throwing it but the witness allegedly heard the sound of breaking glass. As we all know, no one else died that night in connection to DC9 so it is safe to assume that the earlier trouble maker was the one who ended up in handcuffs and put in the police car; but unfortunately for Ali, he allegedly broke the second window and was allegedly beat to death despite his pleading for his life, and when the police arrived he was on the ground unconscious. 45 min later he died in hospital after he was taken by an ambulance.
    Like I said, this is what I constructed based on what I read. Ali was never in police car, but the previous trouble maker was, Ali was on the ground unconscious when police arrived and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

  • We’re waiting impatiently 2 attend your concerts, we love u Prince!

  • Well, look at that. All charges dropped. Color me not suprised. This story had the stench of manure over it from the get-go.

    • Well, “Without prejudice” ….which means they can possibly file charges later.

      So one thing is certain: this investigation has the smell of manure on it. Seems FUBAR from the getgo.

  • It’s rare in my experience that charges are dropped WITH prejudice. But I can’t imagine they would just be dropping charges in a potential homicide investigation unless there was something seriously problematic with the case / some truly exculpatory information that came to light, either alibi, or autopsy evidence, or some sort of eyewitness account. Hopefully we will find out more in the press conference.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I’m away from my my computer but will post an update Sunday night with hopefully more info.

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