Judging Buildings – National Cathedral Complex (Not the Actual Cathedral)

This is the view from the corner of Wisconsin Ave and Massachusetts Ave, NW. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before but this addition/complex looks amazing. Do you like how the combined the glass with the stone?

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  • It’s part of the expansion of St. Albans. Great playing field.

  • It’s even cooler at night!!!

  • It looks pretty nice now, but 20 years from now? I’m not so sure.

    I’m just glad they’re done. It took them eons to finish that project. It must be much larger and more complex than it appears from the road.

  • I seem to recall an insane amount of excavation for this…or was that up the road at Sidwell?

  • Whenever I see sports teams practice on that field– I am no Harry Potter fan but for some reason it looks like they should be playing quidditch.

  • From these photos it looks really nice. You don’t see nice stonework like that any more and it really helps the new building fit in with the old ones.

  • The architect was Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill. There’s an article about it here: http://www.architectmagazine.com/education-projects/marriott-hallst-albans-school.aspx

  • I say “thumbs up”.

    Seems like they did a good job of integrating “old stone” with “modern glass and steel” in a solid way.

    Funny enough it actually reminds me of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house Fallingwater(http://bit.ly/1s8Gr7) …which to me is a good thing…can I say “classic modern”?

  • The renovation/expansion of St. Albans school is even more amazing from the interior than the exterior, as hard to believe as that is. The hardwood, stone, and level of workmanship inside that building is pretty amazing.

    The new exterior stone is legitimately the closest match possible to the original as was available anywhere on the east coast. The new athletic fields are gorgeous (though they are the new thick turf style that get unbearably hot in the summer due to the 1″ mat of rubber pellets below the turf).

    I’d shush with the Falling Water talk though; the architect gets really freaking agitated when that’s brought up. He claims that he wasn’t influenced by Wright in the slightest.

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