Gallery Inn for Sale

The Gallery Inn is located at 1850 Florida Ave NW. Thanks to a reader for sending in the tip that Gallery Inn had recently hit the market. It’s going for $2,100,000 and the remarks are:

“Profitable Hotel/Inn with 8% CAP Rate, Charming all brick hotel at the busy corner of 19th and Florida in Adams Morgan, just a few short blocks from Dupont Circle and metro. 8 Units, upper floor units feature lofts, Perfect for Owner/Operator or Investor, Existing SBA financing is assumable, Leaseback Possible.”

It seems like lots of bed and breakfasts have been going for sale lately.

The reader thought it would be interesting to ask where people’s favorite Bed & Breakfasts / Inns / Hostels are in DC. We looked at some of your favorite B & Bs back in April ’08. For those who missed that conversation – do you have any favorites for friends and family to stay at while visiting DC?

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  • Definitely a better bargain than yesterday’s house porn.

  • Wow, I’ve lived in and around Adams Morgan for the better part of a decade and never knew this place existed.

  • Would make good for a brothel

  • Even when I lived around the corner from this place I never EVER saw anybody going in or coming out. I had assumed it was a front of some sort. I’ll add that from the outside it’s the second only to the NY Ave Days Inn as least attractive lodging choice in the city.

  • I lived around the corner when this structure was completed in the late 1980s or early 1990s. It was never clear what type of lodgers these accommodations ever attracted — like the 2:45 commenter, I never saw anyone coming or leaving. Gallery Inn did not seem to offer either charm or luxury for prospective customers.

  • I first noticed this place when I’d walk down the street and see bunches of teens smoking cigarettes in front of what seemed to be chaperones. I thought it was pretty weird until I realized they were generally European. I figured it was a hostel or something.

  • It just needs a queen’s touch and I could make it into a fabulously promiscuous gay guest house. It’s already a tacky and hideous structure, so that’s covered. Now it just needs some rainbow bunting, wind chimes, a few leopard spreads, Glade Plug-ins, some Judy Garland prints and colored lights strung about. Church coffee and Entenmann’s cakes for the morning buffet and I’m done. Voila! And for only $400 nightly!

  • I stayed here when I moved to DC, for a hostel it’s pretty nice, but not cheap. The staff was pretty cool too.

  • I think it’s owned by the same folks that own the Allen Lee in Foggy Bottom (between the GW Campus and State). That place is about as cheap as they come in DC (after the IYHF Hostel on 11th), but it shows. This place is definately a step up.

  • I used to rent a parking space from Gallery Inn five or six years ago. I got the impression it was pretty seedy. I think truck drivers used to stay there. the owner at the time had all sorts of other places, including the dry cleaner at T and 18th and IIRC, Caravan Grill on 18th.

  • I live around the corner. I actually see a lot of guests. It is on the Bed Bug lists numerous times… Good luck with that.

  • When I was practicing indigent criminal defense law in 2000, I had a heroin-addict-professional-shoplifter client who lived there. It was definitely pretty seedy then.

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