Dear PoP – “who can install a pull-down stairway/ladder to my attic?”

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“Dear PoP,

I was wondering of you or your readership have any referrals for this:

I have a typical 1905 DC Victorian brick rowhouse. I am looking for someone who can install a pull-down stairway/ladder to my attic in the hallway ceiling. I know there are sets you can buy at Home Depot, but I will need someone who can enlarge the existing (small-ish) hole in my upstairs hallway ceiling and do the necessary framing to support the stairs. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good company that does this kind of project? (One renovation company told me the job was too small for them to consider.) Thanks!”

Any suggestions?

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  • Yet another Pablo classic.

  • Suburban Solutions might be able to help –

  • ah

    I would find a carpenter. ceiling joists are things you don’t want a “handyman” messing with, lest your attic storage end up in your 2d floor bedroom.

  • I put one in myself several years ago. If your rafters run parallel to the way the stairs will open and close, and you have a standard width between rafters, you can easily use 2 X 4s or 2 X 6s to finish building out the top and bottom of a frame (using the existing rafters for the other two sides), slide the stairs in, shim it out and bolt it into the frame you built.

    if your stairs will open perpendicular to the rafters, it’s much harder. get a good carpenter.

  • Antbuilders. Shy is amazing. AU graduate and local
    801 Varnum Street Nw
    Washington, DC 20011-7231
    Phone:(202) 330-7525

    • Le poo – Thanks for the referral but I am not a AU grad. I was in AU for only two semesters then went off to Kent State in Ohio. All because AU did not appreciate my barely passing GPA.
      I wish I could figure out who you are from your handle but thanks.

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