Dear PoP – What Should I Do With the Rocks?

Photo by PoPville flickr user dullshick

“Dear PoP,

I’m removing a lot of landscaping stones from my property and I don’t know how to dispose of them–any ideas?”

At first I thought this was a funny question but thinking about it – I really have no idea. Release them into their natural habitat of Rock Creek or some other park? Taken to the dump? Use as a border around some trees or plants? What would you guys suggest?

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  • Same issue here – used some where I could, in planters, bottom layer of flower beds, to fill the occasional rat hole, and so on.

    The rest I dropped in the trash a few at a time.

  • Can you describe the landscaping stones (size, color, type, number)? I may take them off our hands.

  • i.e. “your hands”

  • Make like me and smoke those rocks!

  • List them on Freecycle or Craigslist with a picture. Seriously … you’ll have them gone in no time. Decent landscaping rocks are expensive, and lots of people will take them off your hands.

  • The dump *might* take old concrete and rocks. I can’t remember, so you might call them and ask. Otherwise there’s a site down near the ballpark that will take concrete. Maybe they’ll take landscaping rock.

    There are also a few construction sites around the city and plenty of abandoned properties… just sayin.

  • I recommend leaving the rocks out by the curb (also works with bricks) soon enough they will be inside the parked cars nearby and not your problem.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Put them on freecycle.
    The taker will come to your place and get them.

  • craigslist = gone before lunchtime.

  • I second Craigslist. I’ve gotten rid of much stuff fast.

  • Craigslist and Freecycle. Have both vacated and acquired rocks & masonry this way.

  • If for some reason a craigslist hoarder or freecycler doesn’t want them and you are willing to haul them somewhere aside from the dump: Community Forklift! CF is the stock answer for any “what should I do with leftover but still perfectly usable household/construction/landscaping supplies” question

  • Whatever you do, don’t throw them at any nightclub windows…

  • Are you trying to tell us that you don’t know how to get your rocks off?

  • We took 50 lbs. of natural stone out of rock creek for landscaping…PLEASE return yours and help restore the balance…

    • Can I ask why you thought it was okay to do that? For the record, it is illegal to take anything from the park.

      “No one may take anything out of the park, unless he or she is a professor or a professional (USGS, Smithsonian, etc.) with a permit (for plants or rocks) and he or she is using the specimen for an educational purpose. Visitors may be fined by Park Police if they are caught. If you see someone with a metal detector at places like Fort DeRussy or hunting for morels, please report these crimes to Park Police immediately! “

      • There are exceptions to this. For instance, if you visit the park this time of year, you are permitted to take out a handful of hickory nuts (or black walnuts, I would assume). (Source: NPS Wildlife Coordinator)

        But don’t dig up wildflowers, gather firewood, or anything else that would disturb habitat or deprive the park’s wildlife of a food source.

  • Donate them to somebody upgrading their landscaping or filling a French drain…Don’t dump them in Rock Creek unless they came from there originally.

  • ABSOLUTELY list them on cragislist/freecycle! My wife and I drove around a couple of hours last weekend looking for rocks for a little landscaping project. Couldn’t find anything close by on craigslist (only way too far up north, down south or out west). I looked at community forklift as well – you could try donating to them – If they accept you can deduct from taxes. I finally found some along some railroad tracks and a creek in MD…

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