Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Shaw

This rental is located at 418 Q St., NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

This walk-down basement studio in historic Shaw will be available Nov 13. It’s a bargain priced to move, and it may not last long. The $950 rent INCLUDES electricity and gas. This unit will be shown this Saturday and Sunday, from 2pm until 4pm – confirm an appointment time (i.e., 2:45pm Saturday) with a reply by Friday afternoon.

Big Features: Washer/Dryer In Unit!! Recently Renovated!! Common Outdoor Space!!!!

The unit also features, a gas stove, track lighting, a full bath, and two separate entrances. The rear entrance walks up to a shared deck and patio. The neighborhood and the neighbors are terrific; Metro (Shaw/Howard) as well as the 24-hour Giant are a 5-7 minute walk away. Street parking is usually plentiful.”

Does $950 sound reasonable for this “walk-down” studio?

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  • Having looked at buying that house last year, unless the new owners have put a _lot_ of work into fixing up that basement unit… no. It is not worth $950 a month. The unit itself is pretty small, and there is very little natural light.

    They do say it was recently renovated, though, so maybe it’s a bit better now.

  • No pictures of the apartment in the ad is never a good sign.

  • Hmm…not having pictures of the unit does raise a red flag, but I’d say it’s a good price and still worth stopping to see in person.

  • Not to mention the dishonesty in the ad. The Giant is supposed to close any day.

  • 950 for a basement studio in a marginal neighborhood? No thanks. Maybe for >= $100 less.

    • You’re nuts. Anything less than $1000 for a clean, non-flooding apartment is a steal in NW. Good luck finding a place for $750. Most basement apartments in the area rent for 1300-1500. (I know, I’m a landlord of three places within a few blocks of this place.)

      • I hate when people generalize NW as if it’s all the same. Just because a property doesn’t have SE, SW, or NE in the address doesn’t mean it’s in a desirable neighborhood.

        • I hear you – and agree – but it’s a bold statement considering the plight of those across the river in Wards 7 and 8, also known simply as “Anacostia” or “SE” by most media outlets in this city. This doesn’t happen with NW nearly as often as it does with the other quadrants.

      • Did I miss the no-flood guarantee?

      • “Most basement apartments in the area rent for 1300-1500.”

        If that’s true, that’s really sad. It means that most college graduates who come here to work cannot afford to live alone in DC without spending most of their take-home pay on rent. No wonder so many of them end up in the suburbs.

        • On the other hand, these same college grads grow into the affluent class who can drop more than half a mill on 2 bedroom homes. It’s not like recent college grads should necessarily be making bank anyway. They’ve only just begun their careers.

          • Yeah, but it’d be nice if they (we) could afford a place to live near work.

          • It would be nice if, in the meantime, they didn’t have to risk their lives by living in Anacostia or spending 3-4 hours a day on a major highway.

            I do the latter (used to do the former) and dream of the day I can afford to live in a nice part of DC.

  • This is close to me, and Jimbo lived in the basement unit on the other side of the duplex. Yes, to the no light. If you have issues with SAD do not live here. Also there are a bunch of guys who hang out on the other end of the block.

  • I find it comical when I read the comments of folk who think they know how much real estate is valued for in any given area of the city and often decide that things are overpriced.

    DC is an expensive city—whether you accept that fact or not. Generally, you aren’t going to move to DC and rent a one bedroom unit for under 1k in most of the district…this isn’t NC.

    • This isn’t Chicago or a lot of other places either — bigger, better cities where a 1 bed in a great neighborhood can be found for well under $1000.

      DC’s expense is undeserved and ridiculous.

    • First of all this isn’t a 1 bedroom, it’s a studio.

      It’s ridiculous that even if you’re willing to live in a tiny room, in a basement, in a rough neighborhood, you’re still paying close $1000k/month. I don’t know of any other US city where that’s the case.

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