Slow Down if Your are on Rock Creek Church Road, NW

“Dear PoP,

Take a close look at that red SUV in the photo. That’s MPD just waiting for you to speed down Rock Creek Church Road over by the Solider’s Home. And good for them! RCCR is a speedway with drivers breaking the speed limit with no regard for Park View residents. Here is hoping that the police arrest all the too-fast drivers with their cool undercover speed enforcement vehicles.”

They’ll probably just get tickets but hopefully this will act as a deterrent because it seems every year or so a car will lose control and smash into a section of the Soldier’s Home fence…

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  • put one of those on porter street between MTP and Cleveland Park. Drivers fly across the park there clocking damn near 50 miles an hour. And Metro Buses too!

    • There used to be (still is?) a cop car permanently stationed on the CP side of that stretch handing out tickets. I don’t know if it is still there.

      • I never saw that cop give out tickets, most of the time the car was unoccupied. I think the cop lived in one of the apt complexes right there and parked car on the street to spook people. Maybe the cop moved?

    • Yeah but that’s not really a residential street. The way it’s build is just begging cars to speed.

      • My wife was tagged by a speed camera on that stretch of Porter, where the speed limit is something like an absurd 25 mph. There is no logical reason for the speed limit to be so low on that street. A speed camera there truly is nothing more than a piggy bank for the city.

  • We sadlt got a ticker speeding by one of those. Now we drive like the turtle. Although its a little unfair becase Rock Creek Church is on a major downward slope heading south, so not speeding can be quite difficult.

  • I’ve seen the same red SUV on the southbound lanes of N. Capital Street just near the Irving Street passover.

    • …and I usually refer to it as Rock Creek Church Autobahn.

    • They are putting a permanent speed camera there sometime soon (don’t know if it will be in exactly the same place). That stretch is going to catch TONS of speeders. It is almost a mile long 3 lane highway simulator with one cloverleaf intersection and no lights, crosswalks or sidewalks along it. Yet it’s a 35 MPH zone. I have never seen anybody approaching those speeds. Last week I consciously went 35 from Taylor to Michigan in the center lane (I admit I regularly go 45-50 on that stretch which is actually a safe speed given the layout of the roadway and lack of crossings). From the way people were honking and flying past you would think I was going 25 on I95!

      I fully support states installing speed control devices to keep cars at appropriate speeds for designated roads, but this will be the very definition of a speed “trap”. I would rather see a sensible evaluation of the road structure and match the posted limits accordingly.

  • There is one of those sneaky undercover cars every day on Michigan Ave near the Turkey Thicket Rec Center. It even seems to have a little parking cut out on the shoulder just for it. I think I got two tickets before I realized it wasn’t just a random car parked there and slowed my ass down. I drive past there twice a day to and from work, so the opportunities to get nabbed are pretty high.

  • tickets just make the city money. speed bumps actually slow people down…

    • Exactly. Cops out ticketing people just creates hostility between the people and the police, who are supposed to serve the citizens, not antagonize them. As Anonymous at 2:39 points out, just install speed bumps if it’s that important.

    • ah

      But speed bumps penalize all drivers, whereas speeding tickets punish only the violators.

      • i fucking hate speed bumps.
        fucking hate them.
        everytime i go over them i beep my horn.
        fucking speed bumps.

        love speeding cameras.
        love speed activated traffic signals.
        love cops actually pulling people over for speeding
        speed bumps should die.

  • I used to really like the Ford Edge, but now I associate them with speed traps, which hurts. I’ve seen at least five different colored Edges set up for speed traps this summer, so be on the lookout. Other than Rock Creek Church and the frequent spot on N. Capitol, they usually have one on Military Road when you’re heading downhill away from St. John’s.

    Watch out for those Ford Edges!

  • Why the giant SUV? Couldn’t they pick an undercover vehicle that is less expensive and more fuel efficient?

    • In the procurement procedure every entity that a product goes through makes a percentage of the total value of the item. So the more expensive the product is, the more money people make.

      Next the buy American BS that most state govts and police services believe in.. a lot of states and local governments have started going elsewhere recently, NYC buys Nissan Altima cop cars, DDOT has CNG powered civics. Fairfax county VA has priuses.

  • List of all 10 fixed speedcam locations and 40 or so mobile spots where camera cars can be placed are here:,a,1240,q,548201,mpdcNav_GID,1552,mpdcNav,|31886|.asp

    There are also a few websites that you can download warnings for your GPS that will alert you when approaching one of these spots [and red light cameras].

  • Don’t worry guys. I’m making it my personal mission to cover these cameras and their lights with tape!

  • It doesn’t serve as a speeding deterrent if you can’t remember where you got the ticket.

    Unmarked cars are opportunistic in these cases because you can’t remember where incidents happened when you do get a ticket in the mail. Purely a money making move by a bloated and corrupted local government. I remember the way things were without speed cameras, when a real cop would pull you over and allowed you to explain why you were going fast. Now if god forbid, my kid is injured and I am rushing to get to them I get 4-5 tickets on my way to the hospital because my car isn’t made to use cruise control between stoplights at 35 MPH.

    If the real intent was to deter speeding, DC would spend less money on unmarked cars, using regular patrol cars (which would also deter crime by their presence) and they would make bigger speed limit signs that show the posted speed right before you encounter a camera. The people encouraging this kind of behavior are only feeding pockets of contractors that install software and cameras that are only worth about 800$ for an actual price of 20,000$. Its an all around rip-off. That’s why DC is constantly going bankrupt, bad decision making.

    I can’t believe they’re bringing up the idea of tolls again, do they want this place to turn into New Jersey?!?

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