Sausage Club Starting up in October

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Yup, I laughed to when I saw this email in my inbox. But it’s for real:

Seasonal Pantry is starting a sausage club. Fall is around the corner, and football season is already underway. That means it’s time to cook up some sausage and get ready to eat hearty meat for the cooler season.

How does it work?
Our club will work like a CSA, or a community-supported agriculture produce-buying scheme, where members pay a farmer at the beginning of the season and receive a load of fruit and veggies every week.

Here’s what we’ve got to offer:
For the second (pickup 1) and fourth (pickup 2) weeks of October (pickups are Thursdays and Fridays October 7 or 8 and 21 or 22), you’ll get three packages with 5 to 6 sausage links in each one. A sausage is 3 to 4 ounces, so that’s roughly 6 pounds of meat for the whole month. At the beginning of the week, you’ll get an email with the types of sausage and where to come get them.

Details after the jump.

What types of sausage do I get?
Each week, you’ll receive one breakfast sausage, a mild sausage, and a bolder, more robust sausage. Some ideas in the works are Mexican chorizo, sweet and spicy Italian, Buffalo chicken, merguez, and bratwurst.

How do I cook the sausage?
I can’t come home with all my members and cook their sausage for them, however I will be putting recipes on I will offer different ways the sausages can be used in everyday meals. Fresh sausage will last in the fridge for about 2 weeks, or you can freeze them for later use.

How much is the club?
The club is $50 for two weeks (pickup 1 and pickup 2). To put that price in some context, sausages at Whole Foods average $6 to $8 per pound, and some purveyors at the Dupont Circle market charge as much as $9.50 per pound. My sausages are hand-crafted on a small scale.

How do I join?
The October club is going to be limited to 30 spots, with more available in November.
Once payment is made your spot is then reserved. Pleas make a payment at our paypal account of $50.00.

Step 1

Step 2
Hit the Home link

Step 3
hit the send money link

Step 4
To (email address) is [email protected]

Step 5
From (email address) Your email

Step 6
Amount $50.00

Step 7
Purchase Services

Step 8
Provide Paypal with the rest of information necessary.

Once payment has been received Seasonal Pantry will email you soon with more information.

Email me at [email protected]

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  • Or you could buy the phenomenal sausage from Simply Sausage. They’re local and their stuff is awesome and they make some pretty interesting stuff. I’m sure this guy is good, but it seems like a lot of money to pay for an untested product. Anyone else out there like Simply Sausage?

  • Hmm. I think I’d rather just make my own sausage. And in any case, I’ve been attending the sausage club at my local bar for several years now.

  • Nothing against the sausage club but I can’t remember a sausage at whole foods that wasn’t $5.99/lb, and it is delicious. So that would be $36 compared to $50 here.

  • Now this will make for some fun reading. Go!

  • Looking forward to monkeyrotica’s reply. OR maybe not.

  • I herald from a large polish community in Texas that has a recipe handed down through the generations — the secret ingredient — smoked with pecan wood. Heading down next week, will bring back as many pounds as will fit into the luggage! Some hunks of pecan wood too.

  • I thought a “sausage club” was a “meat market” -type bar with zero women.

  • Since Jim Graham’s sex club was shut down you can expect A LOT of erroneous queries on this one. Bada BinG!

  • So he’s charging upwards of $8 per pound, and that’s supposed to be a better deal than the $6-8 (in reality I’ve never paid more than $5-7) per pound at Whole Foods? (Not to mention sausage at my farmer’s market is usually $5-6 per pound and Trader Joe’s is $3-5.)

    Also, does this sound needlessly complicated to anyone else? Like, I’m sure it’s not in the end, but the way he describes it SOUNDS complicated. Which makes me not want to join even if it was a good deal. Maybe invest in a editor with the fairly hefty margins you’re making?

  • Unless it’s the best sausage I’ve ever tasted, it’s a little out of my price range.

  • You broke the first rule.

  • So…3 packs of sausages times 6 sausages times 4 oz. is 72 oz. of sausage, divided by 16 is 4.5 pounds, times twice a month is 9 pounds per month. That’s assuming max. size and number of sausages per packet. At $50 for every two weeks that’s about $100 per month, $11.10 per pound. So not as inflated as I thought originally. If he mis-wrote the system and meant $50 for 2 pickups per month that’s super reasonable, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what he meant.
    Imagine the size of your ass after all that sausage!
    I recently read that in states like Wisconsin where they have lots of local demand and gobs of small sausage makers there is a two tier system between state licensing and a federal level for national distribution, and the second tier is harder to obtain, thus the reason you don’t see more boutique sausage brands sold out of state. You have to smuggle them in your pants ha ha.

  • Who eats this much sausage in a week? I guess you could freeze some of it, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of paying a premium for fresh sausage.

  • Sausage Festival at my house! You’re invited!

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