Judging Restaurants – J & G Steakhouse

J & G Steakhouse is located at 515 15th Street Northwest behind the W Hotel. Their Web site says:

“A composition of Jean-Georges’ favorite dishes from his New York restaurants as well as an inspired steakhouse menu with composed and simply grilled items.

Located on Pennsylvania Avenue, J&G Steakhouse offers a worldly collection of steakhouse classics for W Washington D.C. guests and locals alike. Premium meats and a global selection of fresh fish will be the backbone of the menu, including the highest quality raw items from East and West Coasts, uniquely creative appetizers, as well as prime cuts of meat char grilled to perfection with side dishes, including vegetables and potatoes.”

You can see their menus here. Any fans?

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  • Dinner here is great with a very attentive staff. Fun for people watching too!

  • Good but a little overpriced. Not worth spending the extra cash just to see Kathleen Sebelius at the next table over. I prefer to spend less money on a better steak at the Palm.

  • I ate there right after it opened and it was great. It is pricey, but what steakhouse in this town isn’t?

  • Went there for restaurant week. The pea soup was great. The hanger steak I asked for medium rare came out rare and without much flavor. I was a little disappointed and given it’s proximity to my place of work…I haven’t been back.

  • We went here for a special occasion dinner last December. For the most part we ordered seafood dishes which were excellent to outstanding. (The one meat-eater gave a thumbs-up to his hamburger.) Desserts were also top-notch. Service could have been more polished; a side order was forgotten (and a dessert was comped instead.) It’s expensive, but on par with other top-tier DC restaurants and certainly no worse a value than others in its peer group. The sole irritating part of our music was having to listen to the thumping techno music in the W Hotel Lobby while our table was being made ready.

  • Really good steaks, and the prices aren’t too terrible. Definitely less expensive than some of the other big-name steak houses in the District.

  • One of my favorite places in DC currently, I hope it continues to stay under the radar! Everything here just seems really fresh and not quite as…precious…as some of the other big name places. They also have phenomenal cocktails, if you like yours on the snooty side (which I do on occasion!) In other words if you want one liquor and a mixer over ice, don’t pay extra for these, but I had fun trying a few!

  • They have lost reservations for a few people I know, including myself. Staff was not helpful at all.

    2 thumbs down.

  • mid city guy

    fyi it is part of the W, not really “behind”

    Having said that, had dinner there just 2 nights ago. The food is good but probably not ultimately worth the price point. The main dining room is GORGEOUS. This being my second time there, the service was much improved and the staff very attentive (thank you Sergei!) Overall, a lovely dining experience.

    And warning, valet parking at the W is…no lie…$30.

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