Work Begins on Mt. Pleasant Shell

I’ve noted before how sad the shell next to the great painted house on Park Road, NW, just west of Mt. Pleasant St., looked. I was super psyched to see serious work had finally begun on restoring this beauty. I’ll be sure to update to see if it remains a single family home or becomes condos.

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  • I meant to take a photo of the work and send to PoP – good news to see action on this house!

  • i lived a few houses down for a few months (between places), and this place was the scourge of the otherwise amazing neighborhood. fantastic to see it’s being redone.

  • I live a few blocks away, and I too am thrilled somebody has finally begun to restore this gem. The fantastic neighboring tricycle house will finally get a worthy companion on the block.

  • I heard this was in the works – good news!

  • Damn, I missed out on a studio in the tricycle house.

  • The permits say that it will be Condos. They have replaced the dental mold now on the porch roof. They’re off to a great start!

  • I heard from neighbors that it was becoming condos. Not sure where they got the info, though.

  • Definitely going to be condos. The owner/developer is a young guy, very friendly and wants to go green as much as possible. The historic fasci…, er, society is on board and everything. He attends all the ANC meetings to keep the neighborhood up to date. I was worried the MtP SS would torture him into leaving, but not a word so far. I guess they assume it will be 100% low income housing; that helps them atone for being so evil as to be living here, gentrifying.

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