Wait, So the Moors Smelled Good?

I can’t remember if I’ve asked this before but I spotted this truck again which made me laugh – Royal Scent of a Moor. Is it possible the Moors were known as a fine smelling group?

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  • You don’t think they’re talking about the moors of say, Scotland? Large open areas covered in heather and wildflowers where one might hunt grouse and eat picnics of pasties and buttered splits and spotted dick and whatnot?

    • keep off the moors at night! they may smell good, but they’re very dangerous!

      and….um… “spotted dick”?

  • I’m telling ya POP, go back to NJ or LI and find your teachers and line them up- they didn’t teach you nuthin in school!

    • Funny you say that. Being a product of the PG County public school system of the 1970s, I’m amazed every day at all the shite we were NOT taught. Big, intense, world-class knowledge. Nothing. What a complete waste. Anyway, carry on. Perhaps I’ll save this thought for the random-rant-whatsit post later on.

  • I’m sorry, but the card says MOOPS!

  • These folks sell incense every weekend at the corner of Minnesota and Benning NE. I always wonder if health and vending laws are enforced on weekends. I see tons of Bar B Que grills and vendors set up in parking lots all over this city.

  • I used to live in England, near the North Yorkshire Moors. I don’t remember a distinct smell though…

  • north african islamic incense peddlers.

  • Scent of *a Moor*? Amour? Sent of Amour? Scent of Love?

    Just trying to think outside the box here.

  • I never saw a moor,
    I never saw the sea;
    Yet know I how the heather looks,
    And what a wave must be.

    I never spoke with God,
    Nor visited in heaven;
    Yet certain am I of the spot
    As if the chart were given.

    Emily Dickinson

  • By Jove I think you’ve got it.

  • i don’t get it – beyond disputes over the intended use of the word moor, what was the point of the original post? north africans smell bad? there are certainly cultures whose hygienic standards are not up to ours, but after spending 4 months in morocco i can say that it’s a region of some really wonderful smells.

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