Dear PoP – New Target Reconfiguration?

by Prince Of Petworth August 4, 2010 at 9:06 pm 20 Comments

“Dear PoP,

You may have already covered this, but today I went to the Target at DC USA, and the new layout sucks. I understand they are creating space for fresh produce, which is great; but I was wondering if some of the isles are going to remain that narrow. They are about the width of the grocery carts!”

Hmm, I went to check it out and it seemed really open. My guess is that since the grocery expansion isn’t coming until Oct. they’ll probably tweak the final layout.

Have others noted that the new Target layout sucks?

  • WarderSt

    I didn’t notice that the aisles were any narrower than they use to be. I thought they just moved stuff around and consolidated it a bit more.

  • anonymous

    If by “moved stuff around” you mean the cat food is with the bbq grills by the toilet paper by the doorknobs and underwear but some are upstairs is downstairs then yes. There may be some tweaking left to do.

    • You clearly must be talking about something you imagined.

      The Target in Columbia Heights is not set up like this.

      • dues

        No, they definitely rearranged things in a nonsensical matter, and there are whole sections of empty shelves. I was just there on Sunday. Hopefully they get it back in some sort of logical arrangement soon.

  • Collin

    I’ve only noticed that they seem to have half of what I typically went there for. Don’t even try to look for a socket wrench anymore.

  • anon

    really people?

  • Haven’t been there in months, but the OLD layout “sucked” — The path between the cashiers and the exit, primarily. Squeezed between the shopping-carts and whatever that fast-food crap is on the left, with hundreds of sedated goofy persons floating towards the exit in slow motion. It’s like being trapped in a funnel of hot weasel grease. No sense of crowd management whatsoever. Whoever designed that original floorplan needs to be hung up by his/her tentacles and fed to the moths.

    • Anonymous


  • anon

    They are staying open while that make a pretty big modification to their store, what’s with all the complaints? It sure beats driving to VA or MD.

  • pworth

    hmm… I’m still turning this whole Target boycott over in my mind before I check out their aisle setup…

    Is it silly? Is it standing up for what’s right? I mean, don’t all major corporations probably give $$ to people that I think are generally vile? Not sure where to draw the line.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, this guy is so opinionated.. Don’t shop there if you dont like it.. jeez!

    • andy


  • my complaint for the day

    This Target almost never has any baskets. You can walk around the whole store and not find a single one. Where are they hiding all those baskets?!

    My first stop is the laundry basket section.

    • my answer of the day

      They’re usually by the checkout counters. I think the staff doesn’t replace them very often.

  • I’ve never been to this Target, but when the one at Potomac Yards added a more robust and fresh food section, they moved almost everything temporarily and yeah, it was a nonsensical mess. But, it went back to a normal, if slightly modified, configuration when all was said and done.

  • MtPleasantDeeJ

    Target donated $150,000 to a virulently anti-gay gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota. Best Buy donated $100,000.

    In this day and age a company can’t market to specific demographic and then turn around and support bigotry and hate and not expect public backlash.

    So yes, boycott Target and Best Buy for talking out of both sides of their mouths and for trying to buy an election.

    • anon

      I’m moving to Arizona very soon and only stopping at Target, Walmart and BP stations on the way.

  • Anonymous

    There does seem to be a lot of nonsense going on there lately as they rearrange things. I assume most of this is temporary shuffling. But for the love of sweet baby vishnu could Target PLEASE keep its shelves better stocked, in general? I love me some target, but the shelves for small and medium sized men’s underwear has been empty for four months or more. And dog poo pick-up bags? It’s been two months at least since those were in stock (if my dog leaves a steaming pile in front of your place, please direct your hate mail to Target). Trash bags are often out of stock too. I could go on, but you get the picture.

    • Annoynymous

      One time I went there for my Burt’s Bees shampoo and they were out of stock AGAIN, so when I took my other items to the checkout counter I asked the girl there if she knew if there was a way I could just get my precious grapefruit scented shampoo from the back or something so that I could avoid going to the dreaded CVS. She answered that basically they get boxes from the warehouse but they aren’t labeled, so you open a box, see what’s inside and then go stock whatever’s in there. I’m not sure if I’m inclined to believe this because it seems so absolutely nonsensically ridiculous, but if it is true then I believe it explains a lot.


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