Photos From This Saturday’s Glenn Beck and Reclaim the Dream Rally

Photo by PoPville flickr user christopher.poole

There was a lot of discussion about these rallies. Anyone check either out? Here are some photos:

Photo by PoPville flickr user SmillaJas

More photos after the jump.

Photo by PoPville flickr user dullshick

Photo by PoPville flickr user SmillaJas

Photo by PoPville flickr user jimbographer ⓓⓒ

Photo by PoPville flickr user jimbographer ⓓⓒ

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  • Man, Sarah is so smokin’ hot!

  • I caught the tail end of the Beck rally. Seemed pretty innocuous. Very crowded, the whole reflecting pool area was packed and then there were lots of old people sitting in lawn chairs in the grassy areas. I got there in time to hear Beck tell some story about a Vietnam Vet that had accidentally melted his face off but turned out ok because he loved America. My favorite part.
    Beck: ‘A phosphorous grenade can reach a temperature of almost 5,000 degrees’
    Crowd: Blank stares
    Beck: ‘Which is half the temperature of the sun’
    Crowd: ‘Ooohhh, that’s hot!’

  • I was actually pretty disappointed that the crowd was so small.

    I mean, Beck has been advertising this thing for hours a day between his national tv show and his radio show.

    Dick Armney, self appointed Tea Bag King spent millions advertising it and chartered thousands to the event.

    Tea Bag Queen, the “Quitta from Wasilla” herself advertised it for the past month, and agreed to be guest speaker, and they could only muster 90-100K people?

    Really? I thought all of “real America” was “fed up”, and was “mad”.

    The annual DC Gay Pride festival gets a average turn out of 200-250K and they don’t have the advertising backing of the nations largest and most watched cable news channel.

    Granted, Beck and Palin did their typical “shoot from the hip” so its true routine claming half a million people showed up.

    Then again as we’ve seen in the past, every time Palin or Beck puts a number to a crowd, its always a minimum of twice reality.

    Look at all the green space. I seem more grass than I do people and this was taken at the height of the rally.

    • The CBS News estimate has been retracted.

      • Its still on their website. Where does it say its been retracted?

          • I still don’t see where CBS said they were retracting that number.

            Ok, lets do some math. I know Beck would prefer we not, but then again, the dumber his sheeple remain, the richer he gets.

            The only methods of crowd size estimate used by anyone since it was invented in the 60’s, is the Jacobs Method.

            A loose crowd, one where each person is an arm’s length from the body of his or her nearest neighbors, needs 10 square feet per person. A more tightly packed crowd fills 4.5 square feet per person. A truly scary mob of mosh-pit density would get about 2.5 square feet per person.

            Now, the reflecting pool is 2000 feet long. The open space from its edges to the tree lines on either side is 50′ (All measurements per google).

            So 50 times 2 (adding up both sides), times 2000 (length of pool) equals 200,000 SQ/FT (~ 4.4 acres for those who care).

            Applying the Jacob method to this, assuming it was mosh pit dense (which it obviously isn’t, crowded yes, mosh pit, no but I am making a point.) we get 200,000 sq/ft divided by 2.5 sq/ft per person, and we get 80K people.

            Ok, moving on to West Potomac Park, the big open field to the left in that photo. That park is 250′ x 2000′ or 500,000 sq/ft. Now I would say that atleast 25% of that field doesn’t have anyone in it at all (see all green space at end and middle), the rest is certinly not near “mosh pit” status. But to make things easy, we will assume a uniform crowd density for the entire 11.3 acres to be “loose” or 1 per 10 per sq/ft. That equals 50,000 sq/ft.

            We will throw another 10K people on the steps behind Beck because I am being overly generous, and another 10K back at the WW11 Memorial whic is even more generous, because the memorial covers 3 acres and 75% of it is a pool and grantite statues.

            So we have 80K+ 50K+ 20K = 150K people, and I was being overly generous with the crowd density estimates.

            You could multiply all the numbers above by 2 and still only get the absolute low end (300K) of Becks “shoot from the hip estimate”.

            Someone feel free to technically debunk my numbers or CBS’s, which they also had determined.

          • joker,

            Here’s a Yahoo News article on the subject with nearly 13,000 commentarties:


  • Estimates are 300,000 to 500,000 with Beck at the mall and 3,000 to 10,000 with Sharpton at Dunbar High School and the King Memorial site.

  • My favorite part was when Beck described the Washington Monument as “straight”. Cracked me up, I don’t think anyone else got it though.

  • DOIG reply: I don’t own the rights to the Airphotoslive images; I was simply asked to use the images to make the estimate. I believe CBS News, which hired Airphotoslive to take the images and make the estimates, controls the image rights. I hope the images are made public.]

    Couple issues… those photos aren’t time-stamped, so you have no idea whether they were in the beginning or after the event. Unless you see the exact photos with the time-stamp, how can you draw a conclusion as to whether the estimate seems accurate?

    I don’t care which side you support, you should at least want to see images authenticated with time stamps. There is too much deception in the media on both sides, and until both sides demand accountability, we will continue to be divided.

  • Sooo, a lot of these teabaggers are pretty obese.

  • Better images of the crowd at the mall Saturday:



  • Anyone have a sense of what % of the folks on the mall were tea baggers, and what % were just there for the spectacle of it all.

  • Here’s a aerial picture of the mall from Reuters:

  • My friend said she has never seen a more out of shape looking crowd – probably in more need of free health care than anybody.

    • +1 – I also heard there were a lot of air-brushed tshirts.

    • Kind of like the crowd on Medicaid that is required to meet minimum health criteria in order to receive support? Oh right, that’s not a requirement. Or perhaps those that use food stamps to buy transfatty foods and beverages with high-fructose corn syrup… oh right, both permitted. So the government that provides, provides no incentive to be healthy or disincentive to be unhealthy.

      There is no such thing as free health care, unless you consider taking care of yourself to be free or health care.

    • That’s grown up. You don’t like someone so you call them “fat”. Plus I’m pretty most of America is obese these days regardless of political affiliation, race, religion, geographic location or socio-economic status.

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