Good Deal or Not? “house in super location” edition

This home is located at 236 F St, NE:

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The flier says:

“Beautifully renovated Federal style end-unit row house in super location – blocks from Union Station. Hardwoods, recessed lights, new windows/treatments. Exquisite custom renovated kitchen w/ granite counter tops, tall cabinets, track lighting, wall tiling, replaced appliances, ample cab space. Bathroom remodeling & updates. Attractive design touches thru-out.”

You can find more info here and a few photos here.

Yesterday we looked at a sweet lawn decoration and a reader recognized it from this house. Good eye! So if you buy this house there is a bonus… So what do you think of the house itself? The location? Think this 4 bed/3.5 bath will go for $974,500?

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  • It’s a nice location, but it ain’t a million dollar location.

  • Not necessarily the greatest location. Sure, it’s Capitol Hill, but it’s also just a couple blocks from the railyard outside Union Station, which means noise, pollution, and more hobos than you’re probably going to be comfortable around.

    • I walk on that street a few times a week — and it’s great. I would absolutely love to live there. And working around Union Station, I know all the hobo hot spots, this is a veritable hobo free zone.

      H St, Union Station, Trains, Streetcars (eventually), biking, walking, parks, Toscana, Ebenezers, Schneider’s… what’s not to like. Heck, you could walk out your door and be in the middle of Manhattan in 3 hours and 15 minutes (for 50 bucks).

    • It’s been my experience/observation that properties closer to the Union Station/Stanton Park section of Capitol Hill are cheaper than those near Lincoln Park or Eastern Market. There’s no way a Federal in this location is worth close to $1 million.

  • I live a block from here. And while you can hear some trains when they blow their horns, there is zero pollution or hobos.

    And you get that weird head sculpture that PoP profiled a few days back!

  • For almost a million bucks, they should’ve put a better range in the kitchen…and maybe taken a few more photos.

  • In all seriousness, I live in the area and this is my ideal location. (Unfortunately, I’m not in the market to be spending anywhere near this much on a house.) I do think it’s a little overpriced, but not by much. Also, I wish there were more pictures availabe; I’d like to see the other rooms.

  • Close to Gtown Law.. I would have bought it if I had the money.. maybe after 3 years when I am done with law school hehe

    Captha: outrated law.. (wonder if it can read my mind)

  • I walk past this house (and the head sculpture out front) just about every day on the way to Union Station. It’s very well maintained on the outside. I’ve never seen the inside, and the photos don’t give much of a hint other than the kitchen, which seems small and a tad outdated.

    But from what I can parse from the strangely vague listing, it has a finished basement (lists a bedroom and a full bath on the “first lower floor”). So it looks to be a nice-size house. No complaints whatsoever about the neighborhood, and when the western part of H Street fills in with the new Giant (two blocks away) and whatnot that’ll be an added bonus. But I’m still thinking the sellers are being a tad optimistic with that asking price.

  • It’s a nice house in a nice location, but it ain’t worth a million bucks. My guess is it sells for $800K

    • I doubt it will sell for even that much. You can easily get a Victorian in that area for $800k.

      • Really? Where? All the comparable listings near there are at least $850k, and some of those aren’t semi-detached as this one is. Sure there are a few in the 600-700 range, but those look as if they need a ton of work.

        My guess: mid to high 800k’s.

      • You’re right. I looked at the comps after making my comment, and see that I overestimated.

  • “Electric Cooling”

    Does that mean NO central air?

    • Bear

      No, it means a heat pump that provides both heating and cooling. They can be loud, and obviously lead to high electric bills, especially in the summer.

  • Miller Realty = way overpriced house. They tend to price things 20-30% above market rate, then about 60 days into the listing, the price starts dropping dramatically. I bought my house from someone they represented in 2007; it was originally listed at $570,000, and I ultimately bought it 120 days later for $425,000.

  • I’m familiar with this area and there’s no way that house is worth that much. First of all, don’t take the challenges of living near known hobo areas lightly. Who knows when you will go out to your garage and discover a hobo sleeping there, or find one of your chickens missing.

    And while the diesel trains aren’t much of an issue these days, the occasional coal-fired steam locomotive idling for hours outside Union Station is NOT going to be a pleasant experience for F Street, if the winds happen to be blowing in the right direction.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s so wildly overpriced, you can’t even take it seriously. This owner needs to take the $750K they’re going to ultimately get and get over it.

    Proximity to Union Station is not a problem, it’s the wildly inaccurate pricing strategy. The realtor or owner (whoever developed this strategy) is just setting themselves up for 100+ days on the market, which will only hurt the ultimate price they get. They should just price it realistically from the get go, and generate legitimate interest from the buyers still out there during this buying season. (Alternate theory: Could this property be owned by a Hill staffer that thinks their boss is about to get bounced in the mid-terms? Then the obvious 100+ days on the market, with the obligatory price reductions, means this property will reach salable levels at about the right time….)

  • the funny thing about pricing is that, if they don’t get any hits, they will lower the price. its not really a big deal to overprice.

    also, this location effing rocks. just off h. walking distance to so many things. plus a cool side yard. i would live there in a heartbeat.

    • That’s not correct, nor is it that that simple. When you misprice, you miss out on potential buyers because most buyers look at properties within their price range. If you’re above it, you’ve missed out on them. The total pool of buyers is highest in the spring / early summer, so we’re already at the declining part of the year, and by the time they get into a realistic range, they’ve missed out on those buyers for good. So now you’re looking at a smaller pool. Plus, rightly or wrongly, the longer a house is on the market, the fewer and worse (in strength and/or price) bids that come in. It’s just a statistical fact, and it could be due to any number of reasons (buyers think something is wrong with the house, think the sellers should be getting desperate, etc., etc.), but it’s a fundamental truth of the real estate market.

  • umm, coal powered trains? What is this 1880? All the engines are diesel. I’ve never smelled them from this location, you have to be a bit further north. The new buildings along 2nd block alot of the smells. You would still be exposed to higher criteria pollutants than the average, however, but its probably similar to being along a major commuter route.

  • I’m amazed by the number of people who commented on this post and don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Hobos? WTF? Harken back to the early 80’s when Cher filmed the movie Suspect in this area and you would’ve been on the money about crime, noise, pollution and hobos; but those days are long gone.

    Anyway, this house is nice, but seriously overpriced. The range in the kitchen is laughable at that price point. I’d love to see a GDON revisited on this in 100 days…

    • I’m amazed at the number of people in this thread who are taking the comments about hobos and steam locomotives seriously.

      • Exactly. I live in this area and I can say unequivocally that we have only the highest quality hobo’s with Ed Hardy bandannas tied at the end of their sticks.

  • no way will it go for that price!

  • I think it’s a little high. I would guess high-800’s.

    This is a great location, but it needs better photos and better staging.

  • anon. gardener

    Hobos, steam engines… sarcasm doesn’t transmit very well in these comment lists, does it. someone needs to create a “sarcastic” emoticon so we can all snicker together. sigh.

  • FYI – “Hobos” in 2010 always = sarcasm/irony.

  • I live near this place. It’s a good neighborhood (no hobos) and a good house.

    However, a million is way too much to ask for it.

    I would price it at 750K.

  • Not in a million years would I ever pay that price for that house on that street in Capitol Hill. I lived on this very street (F) but on the 900 block back in 2001. The street was just picking up then. For that price, I’d buy in the area I live now which is upper NW….where there isn’t riff raff. I hated the riff raff in that part of Hill. These sellers can stop smoking their crack now & give me a very small break.

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