Deauville Becomes Monsenor Romero Apartments

Back in the end of July we learned that funding had been approved for the old Deauville Apartments that burned down at 3145 Mt. Pleasant St, NW. Thanks to a reader for sending in word that the building had been renamed:

Any guesses on when it’ll get built? I’ll set the over under at Jan. 2012. Remember it burned down in March 2008.

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  • I am convinced this will be a disaster from start to finish.

  • And how much did the supposed slumlord who used to own the building make on selling it with so much government money going into the deal? We claim that we are building affordable housing but the prior owner (how many housing code violations, again?) is the only one who makes out \like a bandid\. The Disaster started when the City and its councilman felt a need to make a deal that is a horrid waste of DC resources. I do agree with Neener.

  • If the guy pictured on the banner is going to live there make sure to keep little boys away from that place.

    • Yes, because ALL Catholic priests are creepy and kid-touchers. The drive in to work today took thrice as long as usual, so pardon the bitchiness: go eff yourself, simple-ass.

    • saf

      Uh, first, that’s some serious bigotry.

      Second, he’s been dead for a long time, 30 years now, assassinated by Salvadoran Government death squads for speaking out for social justice.

  • John, while the catholic church has protected more than its fair share of pedophiles, it would be reasonable to assume they would not celebrate the memory of one (especially in this day and age. the reason why catholics celebrate bishop romero was because he was one of a very small minority (and possibly the most high profile) that was speaking for the rights of all people. he was considered enough of a threat that his gov’t had him killed while he was saying mass. as someone who is not a big fan of the catholic church either, I can understand why you may jump to this conclusion in your head. but as someone who is even less of a fan of stupid people who have no control over things they say (type), I say think before you speak. this site has too many intelligent people on it for such ignorant and childish remarks.

    • If you have to caveat your response with, “while the catholic church has protected more than its fair share of pedophiles”, it might just be a discussion not worth having. Of course thats not to say all priests are pedophiles, but as Bonnie and Clyde once responded, when asked why they robbed banks, “because thats where the money is.” Why take the chance?

  • its Romero not Romera… in the latin world he’s the man… you wouldn’t say Obamo… c’mon!

  • Whatever it’s called, I hope we get a better class of people in there. Mt P doesn’t need the old tenants back.

    • that is a horiible thing to say and completely false..

    • This really is an awful thing to say. I lived in that building when it burned and my neighbors were really wonderful people, both before and after the fire. No one in our building was seriously injured, despite the fact that one side was completely destroyed. My neighbors pounded on doors and made sure that everyone got out safely, especially the elderly folks in the building who might have had trouble on their own. We’re not looking to move back, we were in the process of buying a house when the building burned, but I am so glad that the building is being rebuilt and that it is going to remain affordable housing, so that my neighbors will be able to return home.

  • The only funding that’s been approved was to purchase the property from the slumlord…NWJ properties…they still must work on the funding for the actual construction.

  • Bishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero of El Salvador was gunned down in a small church in San Salvador by death squads while saying mass. He is beloved by Salvadorans and others who stand for human rights in Latin America.

  • Although some money may have come from a Catholic charity, most of the money ($4.1 million) came from the city. A smaller portion was financed by the National Housing Trust, which has helped tenant associations in the city finance renovations to their properties such as the low-income housing on the 1400 block of R St.

    I wrote Jim Graham to express a number of concerns about this deal. First, is a timing issue. It has been over two years since the tragic fire. Out of the over 100 original tenants that were displaced, 38 remain interested in the property. Everyone, though, has been relocated into other properties. There is no evidence to suggest that any of the remaining tenants lived in the Deauville longer than two years before the fire. Thus, the status quo has changed. In the meantime, the building has sat vacant and falling in; a blight to the economic and revitalization of Mt. Pleasant. I don’t see how a tenants association of low-income tenants can finance the purchase and redevelopment of this property in a timely manner. In addition, I’m concerned that the renovations be done well and in a way that doesn’t frustrate economic development or the livelihood of neighbors in Mt. Pleasant.

    My second concern is the use of taxpayer money. Technically, this is a $4.1 million loan. I’m all for work force housing in the city as a necessary component of smart growth but let’s call a spade a spade. An association of 38 low-income tenants is not going to be able to repay $4.1 million. Which begs the question – why is the city giving these tenants so much taxpayer money? Why doesn’t the city simply finance the construction of mixed income or work-force housing itself?

    In his response, Jim Graham thanked me for my concern and asked for my patience. He believes that this is the best and most expeditious resolution for the property. Again, it has been more than 2 years! and still no work has begun.

  • That picture looks nothing like Raul Julia.

  • It would be really cool if it was the George Romero Apartments, and zombies lived there.

  • I’ve been told that it will likely house retired clergy in some capacity (hence the name), but I can’t verify this. I need to contact the Archdiocese of Washington to gather some more details.

    • With a loan from the city for $4.1 million dollars financed through the National Housing Trust. Renters got to buy with a public loan.

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