Dear PoP – Ward 4 straw poll tonight

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“Dear PoP,

I got a flyer that the Ward 4 straw poll is tonight – are you planning to post anything on your site? I’m not really sure what it means…is it just a test vote before the vote? Anyway, it was hard to find any info about it online, but I could find out at least where/when it is:

Wednesday, August 4th, from 6 to 8 pm at the St. George Ballroom and Conference Center at 4335 16th Street, NW.

Anyone know some details behind these straw polls? Who sets them up? If you live in Ward 4 for tonight do you have to show proof of residence? Anyone put much weight behind these polls?

PoPville had its own Straw Poll back in April.

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  • They’re arbitrary and anyone can show up from anywhere in the city. This one’s a big deal, because it’s in Fenty’s backyard and win by Gray would be a media embarrassment.

    I’m pretty sure there’s no correlation to actual voting results as this is more for the true believers. The results probably effect donor funding somewhat, but it is probably more important for Gray than Fenty.

    Almost zero correlation to actual voting time….

  • I went to mine in ward 7; it had all the mayoral candidates there. They did alot of talking – speaking in statistics (which are always so truthful…), accusations and boasting of taking credit for projects/developments (which I would like to really know, but its impossible when yes now its built, but clearly its took more than 3 years to happen, so who is really behind anything…I still dont know). There was a Q&A as well and a moderator thankfully.

    It got obviously pretty heated and I personally don’t respond well to yelling, heckling and rudeness so it didn’t end up being very informative. You get to vote so they can make some talking point of that. But its like voting, Id go out and just experience it. Plus you can update your voting address etc.

  • I understand that these are internal to the Democratic party, and you must be registered as a Democrat to participate. I might be wrong, but that was my impression. No, they are not official, but they do provide bragging rights and they could indicate the level of enthusiasm/frustration of a big chunk of voters.

  • Although open to anyone, voting at the Ward 6 straw poll was limited to registered Ward 6 Democrats.

  • Anyone know if the mayoral candidates are going to be at this straw poll? Are they voting on other city-wide races too?
    I’d like to see both Fenty and Gray at a forum, but don’t know the next one they’re both scheduled to attend…

  • PoP, perhaps you should run an updated poll and compare results.

    It takes many players to make things improve. That said, since four years ago, crime is down, schools are better, infrastrucure is being renewed, the fix-it program has tackled lots of problems, and the DPW services are friendly and efficient. Pretty impressive.

  • All I know is that Fenty’s camp has been calling me daily to see if we are going.

  • Clark Ray’ staff emailed me to come too, so it’s likely to be bigger than just the mayoral appointments.

  • I’ve only heard that people think the straw poll for Ward 4 could predict the outcome of the mayoral race, since this Ward is supposed to be the tipping point between whether Fenty or Gray come out on top. So…that makes me think I should go add my $0.02.

  • See you jerks there. Fenty has done enough to make me optimistic about a future for me in this city that I made my first campaign contribution today and I’ll be attending my first straw poll tonight.

  • Anyone know if I can just pop in and vote without staying? No way I can stay for 2 hours this week.

  • Wow… Fenty people are working the PoP message boards. Not surprised!!!

  • Just got back from the straw poll… Seems like Fenty peeps from all over the city were there, including some I know personally from MD. Fenty had to give the illusion that Ward 4 is still his stronghold. If the results don’t match the support, he’s in big trouble.

  • Wow, that was quite a thing. Hot & sweaty but a neat event. Did anyone else see Vincent Orange introducing himself to people about to vote? When can we find out the results?

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