Dear PoP – Free Store #2 and Internet Question

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Even better than the Georgetown mall is the Petworth Free Store #2. From an email:

“Petworth Free Store #2
like a yard sale but everything’s FREE!
Saturday 28 August 2010

@intersection of Rock Creek Church rd, 4th st, Randolph st & Illinois ave, nw
email: [email protected]
facebook: Petworth Free Store
twitter: @petworthfree
post your donations & wants on Facebook and Twitter
volunteers can email, friend or tweet the times they’re available or
just stop by Saturday btw 7:30am & 11:30am.”

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“Dear PoP,

I live in Columbia Heights and have been using Comcast for internet but would like to switch. I’m really surprised that other large providers like RCN and Verizon don’t cover the area. I was wondering if you or any of your readers have had a positive experience with another internet provider in the area.”

Back in March ’08 we debated RCN, Verizon, and Comcast. I know that Columbia Heights is slated to get FIOS soon so I’d probably hold out for that. What do you guys think – hold out for FIOS or go with someone else?

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  • Wait for Fios. Not that it’s any better (Comcast does have good speeds), but hopefully the competition will give way to better rates.

  • It’s not coming for years. At least that’s what the Verizon reps told me on the phone – at least 4 years.

  • I had RCN while living by 15th and Euclid, no complains. Verizon however has awful service (nothing by weekends or weekly after 6 pm.) if you change any option, they resest all the rest of your combo plan to the expensive standard, they ripped me off, and some friends have suffered the same.

  • Dux, you were able to get RCN at 15th and Euclid? I’m jealous! I recently moved just a couple blocks from there, but RCN wasn’t available.

  • What’s the advantage of RCN vs Comcast? I was looking on the RCN website and it looks like it’s cable tv is about the same as Comcast.

    Also, does anyone know if you can get ESPN over the air?

    • RCN customer service doesn’t suck all the balls. They show up at least on the day they say they’re coming. And they don’t scream epithets at you when you’re trying to upgrade your package.

      Yes, that happened to me. I’m with DirecTV and Verizon now.

  • We have Verison DSL. 90% of the time it works great with excellent upload and download speeds. But, because we have old phone wires (which, of course Verison won’t replace) we have problems when its rains or is windy.

  • I’d love some FiOS action, but it’s not coming for several, several years. I have Verizon DSL, it’s not quite as fast as Comcast, but it works.

    Let me tell you about why I don’t deal with Comcast:

    I ordered service from them over the phone. They showed up the third (3rd) time they said they would to install. They didn’t bring me the cable TV box, so they came two weeks later with the wrong one (ordered the HD DVR, they brought the standard cable). The guy on the phone offered me some niceties when he heard about it, all I had to do was go down to the office on Michigan Ave to switch boxes. Cool. When I got down there, they refused to give me service, because somebody who lived at my address SIX years ago didn’t pay their bill. (This is where I note that I had never had an account with them before, and the house didn’t even have a cable hook-up when I moved in..they had to bring it in from the wire outside). I asked to talk to the manager, but the “sales” lady started screaming and swearing at me, the manager came over and did the same. I canceled my subscription right there.

    I am now a happy customer of Verizon and DirecTV. The TV, at least, is way better anyway.

  • I have RCN in Columbia Heights also around 15th and Euclid; in fact, my building has a contract that makes RCN our exclusive provider (this shouldn’t be legal).
    I’m sure that RCN and Comcast are fairly comparable in terms of service, however, the channels included in the basic package are different. For example, the VS network, aka the channel with the majority of hockey games, is not included in RCN basic and you would have to add an entire sports package on to get it. We also don’t have oxygen, the science network, and a few other channels you would expect in the basic price. Comcast does include Versus and oxygen in the basic package. You might also want to consider if your cable provider has a contract with different internet streams–for example I couldn’t watch World Cup games online because I had RCN and they must not have had a contract whereas many other providers did.

    A helpful hint if you are able to get RCN though–if something is wrong with your cable box or modem don’t schedule an appointment(their equipment does seem to die quickly), just bring your dead equipment to the location at 13th and F and exchange it. Has worked like a charm for me 3 times now.

  • I live on Kenyon between 13th and 14th and I’ve had RCN for cable tv and internet since January. On customer service alone, RCN beats Comcast hands down.

    Unlike Comcast, RCN’s retail location is Metro accessible (near Metro Center), friendly, and quick.

    RCN also offers a Tivo cable box instead of the standard digital or dvr box, which is much easier to use, holds a ton more recorded programming, and you can set things to record from the internet and your smartphone.

    On top of that, I’d be paying a lot more for what I currently have if I was still with Comcast. My bill is around $80 monthly for Tivo, the basic HD package (no movie channels), and the basic cable internet (if I didn’t want tivo or dvr, it would be $20 less).

    I highly recommend RCN to anyone if their service is available where you live.

  • I’m moving to 11th and Euclid next month does anyone know if RCN is available on that block?

  • I live near Logan Circle. I got tired of Comcast’s ridiculously high prices for Internet service and switched to CLEAR.

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