Celebrating Anniversaries on 11th St, NW! Congrats to Wonderland (6 Years) and Congrats to Room 11 (1 Year)!!!

It seems like Wonderland (at the corner of 11th and Kenyon St, NW) has been there for ever. I can hardly believe it has already been/is only 6 years old! Owners Matt and Rose (pictured below) kicked off the celebration with a champagne of beers toast Sun. night. I hate to be that old guy who says “I remember when” but I remember when Wonderland was not open and all I can say is that they have been an phenomenal addition to Columbia Heights and DC in general. Yeah some nights are better than others but it is undeniable that a Sat. afternoon beer on the patio is very close to heaven. When people talk about a neighborhood bar, I think Wonderland is their template. So congrats to Matt and Rose and all the employees and neighbors who make Wonderland such a fun place to visit. (and thanks to Tina for the photos)

And in other 11th Street, NW celebratory news – Congrats to Room 11 (corner of 11th and Lamont) on their one year anniversary (another amazing addition to the Columbia Heights dining scene). From an email:

“We’re celebrating our first anniversary tonight! To help everyone get in a celebratory mood we’ll be offering complimentary glasses of our delicious Spanish sparkling wine (with purchase while supplies last) and featuring drink specials on wine and cocktails all night (a punch is rumored). And we still have some of yesterday’s hopalicious guest tap, Moylan’s Hopsickle! So please come out and help us celebrate our first birthday! Most importantly we’d like to offer a big thank you to all of our loyal supporters and our wonderful neighbors.”

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  • Wonderland has rude and acerbic staff and food not fit for my hound. The hipsters have long since defected to the Red Derby leaving a wave of post-work frumpy interns in their wake.

    • No doubt. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone at the Wonderland wearing a band t-shirt and tight black women’s jeans.

    • Oh, and it’s definitely not loud enough in there anymore, especially on the weekends.

    • Bitter because you can’t even score a post-work frumpy intern?

      • Little trouble in that regard sweetpea. A hit dog will holler. I’m assuming you’re one of those in question.

        • The first holler came from you, buddy. A prickish attitude doesn’t make you a big dog. Learn how to be civil to others or get some thicker skin.

          Alternatively, you could always crown yourself queen of the drama you cultivate.

        • A hit dog will holler? What kind of corn pone redneck crap is that? I’m sure all the ladies you pick up love that southern drawl AND your girljeans.

  • I remember when it first opened and was a much more chill place that wasn’t overrun by 21-year-olds from Vienna or Bethesda, but then again congrats to them for all their success. That massive popularity among visitors is no doubt keeping them afloat.

  • I second. Wonderland is great for a nice late afternoon cocktail outside on the patio. I’ve long since abandoned being anywhere near there on a Friday or Saturday night. I remember when the upstairs had no bar, the windows still opened and they had really good DJs spinning. Sigh.

    Well, whatever the demographic at whatever the time, congrats on 6 years!

  • First time I went there, not realizing it was only a 6 block walk, a cab driver fought me on the notion that there was a bar there. Within a couple of months, it was a destination bar for the kids in the know in DuPont, Logan, and Cap Hill. And now, of course, it’s so packed that I don’t even bother on weekends. So whether that’s what a “neighborhood bar” is or not (I tend to think not), it’s an awesome success story and a real pioneer business in Columbia Heights. Kudos.

  • Wasnt there a bar there before the current owners bought it and reinvented it to attract said hipsters?

    • There was once a bar there. A black gay bar called Nob Hill. It closed in February 2004. I believe Wonderland opened in August of that year. I don’t think the closing of Nob Hill had anything to do with the opening of Wonderland, but I could be wrong.

  • i always thought wonderland was full of hipsters, locals (on weekdays) and out-of-district suits (on weekends). now i realize it was full of snarking internet losers the whole time!

    see you there!

    • Only if they have free WiFi so I can talk trash in the comments sections of PoP posts while I drink my beer and act ironic.

  • Bejesus! I too can remember my first walk to Wonderland down Kenyon from a friend’s place in Mount Pleasant. The whole time thinking what the hell could be waaayyy over here in stabby land? Then I noticed how nice the front gardens were on a few of the houses on Kenyon. Then of course we had a great time.
    I have also heard that Matt and Rose are swingers, is this true?
    Anyhow, best wishes you guys and thanks for opening Looking Glass too!

  • You’ve “heard ” as in you read it as the bar’s preference on MySpace. So silly…

    • No, it’s actually true. And believe me, most folks who enjoy that sort of lifestyle aren’t shy about admitting it.

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