Zenobia Lounge Applies for Liquor License

I’d never heard of Zenobia Lounge (careful loud music plays on Web site) before but went to check it out when I heard they were applying for a liquor license. They are located at 1025 31st, NW. You can see their menu here. There was a nice Middle East vibe going on and the liquor application also says that they have a hookah bar. Adding an alcohol option seems like a natural progression here. Any fans?

Here’s what it looks like on the inside looking at the gift shop towards the dining area:

And here’s the back hookah area:

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  • been there a few times–great hukkah, hummus not so much though on one occassion. they have an arabic conversation group on wednesday nights–well in the past they did. really friendly place, nice people. they have arabic magazines and books for sale as well. its a pretty unique place that is worth a visit.

  • Emmaleigh504

    My brain is quite possibly broken, when I see this name I think: xenophobia.

    Wikipedia tells me Zenobia is a third century queen, but I fear I will pronounce the name “xenophobia”.

  • Been before for hukkah, nice staff. Probably not worth making a special trip for, though.

  • This made me think of Madame Zenobia aka Lee Chamberlin from Uptown Saturday Night.

    By the way, wasn’t U Street called “Uptown” before 1968?

  • this name made me think of zoo bar.

  • I worked here about a year ago and it was a nightmare. Hopefully they are taking health and safety codes more seriously now. Based on how understaffed and unprofessional the place was then, I can’t imagine them being able to handle a liquor license, although the lack of alcohol was definitely a deterrent for some customers.

  • This place is great. Some of your former co-workers would frequent this place for their weekly Arabic conversation meetups. .

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