Rendering of 1020 Girard St, NW

Here’s the rendering for 1020 Girard St, NW.  Since it’s been vacant for so long, I’m thinking this is promising, though it’ll be interesting to see if the pop up fits nicely on the block.  What do you think – thumbs up or down?

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  • It’d be great and a small legacy, if Capital City developers saved the stained glass above the old front door and incorporated into the transom above the new front door in the rendition above.

    • Why? Is it historically significant?

      No – move on.

    • Unfortunately that great stained glass is not original to the building. If you look at the amount of 2×4 framing it’s obvious b ut hard to tell in the above picture. This window is typical of the festoon windows used in the front of suburban British row houses in the early 20th century. Years ago there was a guy at Eastern Market who sold these windows by the truckload and I suspect that’s where this one came from.

      I think the developer kept the original front wall to get a renovation permit rather than go through the approval process for a new structure. Meridian Pint did the same thing.

  • Things don’t have to historically significant to be important parts of the urban fabric. Ideally it would be left a little bit shabby too — but I know how DC hates things that don’t look 100% RESTORED!!

    Anyway… I’m thinking that rendering has zero to do with the coming building as the door is on the opposite side and seems not at all use the part of the building still standing.

    • Christopher –

      Believe it or not, there are nuts on this blog that say the same for graffiti.

      But to make some people happy I guess 98% Restored is better than not…

  • An definite improvement, but yawn … I’m going back to bed.

  • I live around the corner from this place. The rendering looks very nice, and seems to respect the architecture of the rest of the neighborhood. I admire that aesthetic tremendously. Thank goodness it not one of these ugly, sterile-looking things.

    The staircase leading up to the building doesn’t seem to be handicapped accessible, though. But who am I kidding? None of our houses are, especially on the surrounding blocks.

    Long and steep staircases unite!

  • It’s not really a pop up, is it, if this is basically new construction? And I bet that remaining facade ‘accidentally’ falls down during construction.

  • Down. Just trying to replicate what is/was there. Boring. Try harder, renew.

  • I live in the neighborhood and this looks like it will tower over anything near it, significantly changing the impact on the street landscape. It is not only going from a 1 story zoning to a 3 story, but what is more concerning is that the first floor already nearly meets the level of the 2nd story of the nearby building. The first floor will have a 10 foot ceiling. This building will be an eyesore and don’t understand how it could be developed without any community review on the new permit.

  • The second floor went up this morning. It is going to be VERY tall.

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