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18th Set of Entries for the 2010 Coolest Pet in PoPville Contest

Ed. Note: The deadline has passed for entries, we got over 300! If you missed the deadline, save your shots for next year, sorry no exceptions. I will be posting initial entries for 2 more weeks or so before the semifinal rounds commence. Remember if you have a favorite please let me know. If you emailed a photo of your pet I promise all photos will be posted, patience please, there are tons (literally hundreds) of pets in PoPville!



“She was a stray that adopted me when she was knocked up with three kittens. She raised them all and when they were old enough I found them good homes. However, having grown very attached to her I couldn’t give her up. Even though she was a stray she is a very sociable cat and loves human attention. She also doesn’t realize when her tongue is sticking out.”


“She is a Catahoula Leopard Dog and is just as cool as her name is. Everyone is always stunned by her beautiful markings and different colored eyes. On top of that she is super smart and incredibly sweet, loving all humans and animals. She was rescued from a pound in West Virginia and is about 7 months old.”

Lots more great entries after the jump. (Ed. Note: Warning one involves a dead mouse)


Oliver from Shaw ready for his dinner. Although pushing nearly 90 pounds he always manages to convey a heartbreaking “Please feed me, I have not eaten for days and days…”


“This is Dusty, Lumpy’s big sister, looking out on Georgia Avenue.”

Duggie Fresh


Duggie Fresh is charming chihuahua rescued from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. He resides in Brightwood.”


“My name is Bolt. I’m a bearded collie currently residing in Logan Circle. I love long walks, car rides, homemade dog suppers, and all my friends at doggie daycare. This pic was taken earlier this month during my trip to Cape Cod.”

Sir Winston Wigglebutt

“Likes: Ham (makes him drool in bubbles!), fruit, snow, sledding, swimming, wrestling and practically every person or dog he has ever met.

Dislikes: Trashcans on wheels, humidity, vegetables, going to bed after his usual bedtime”

Breezy Girl

“She comes from alley cat stock. Around 6 months old she killed a baby rat. Since then we haven’t had any problems with varmits.”


“Bamboo has a heck of a poker face.”


“Breezy disturbing Bamboo’s nap time.”



“Radar is new to the area after a rough start in Delaware. He is happiest when swimming with his mom and dad or lining up his toys.”

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