Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • Rave: I am so happy it’s finally not 100+ anymore.

  • rant: stuck in office, staring at the beautiful 80 degree happening without me.

    rave: atlantic city with the crew this weekend!

  • RAVE: GOT POWER BACK LAST NIGHT HURRAY!!! I wonder if it had anything to do with my morning freak out call to Pepco comparing them to Haiti?

    RAVE #2: I love my neighbor Mr. H for saving our perishables by letting us extend a power cord through his window for four days. Neighbors can be really really great. Baking him a cake this weekend with a thank you note including a few $$$.

  • Rant: heard many (around 20, though my roommate ways 8 – 9) gunshots on gresham pl nw last night around 3 AM. anyone heard anything about what happened?

  • Rave: Moving out of my house tomorrow.
    Rave.2: Moving into a SICK house in a much safer neighborhood
    Rant: Haven’t heard from the property manager re inspection dates in weeks.
    Rant.2: Should have moved out sooner, as our property manager hasn’t lifted a finger to address any of our concerns that weren’t life-threatening in the 2.5 years we’ve lived there
    Rave.3: property manager is convinced she’ll be able to get new tenants in as soon as we leave. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Rant: I’ve been wanting to put some mail in that solt for the longest time.


  • Rant: I came home to find a little squirrel bitch had shredded the plastic side panels to my window a/c unit. I’m beyond pissed. I have more mosquitoes inside than out not to mention evidence of bird visitations. I went to the hardware store and had 2 plexiglass panels cut and sealed up the gigantic panel holes. When I checked later, the squirrel bitch had ripped out some bamboo and was building a nest between the plexiglass and the storm window frame. I can’t wait until my friend comes over with his giant ladder so I can rip the nest apart and seal up the outside too.

  • Heard a woman was mugged by some kids last night in Mt. Pleasant at 17th and Kenyon around 1130PM. An ambulance and fire truck were there so it’s possible she was injured as well. That part of MP should be relatively safe so any additional news on this would be nice.

  • Jeans N Things, next door to Room11: I like your stuff. I want to buy. I want that long pink skirt. I wanted those yellow jeans you had in the spring. I want the cute sundress. Why don’t you ever want to be open and collect my money?

  • Emmaleigh504

    No rants or raves today. I guess that’s good.

  • Rave/Rant: Dating. I wonder if both mena dn women feel like DC is a really hard city ot meet somebody in … all my lady friends say it’s so hard to meet a nice fella. All the fellas I know have ladies. Hmmm.

    • Your lady friends haven’t met me!

    • men definitely have the upper hand in DC. some years back, there was this dating matching thing that was organized by a bunch of harvard grads (kind of like speed dating, but selective about attendance). all the girls got the names of 2 guys to meet. all the guys got about 12 girls. booyah.

  • Rant: Giving someone you live with 40 minutes to shower should be enough time to get ready. The evil look after saying “Let’s go” was undeserved. Correct?

  • Rant: Clowns, sicko clowns.

    • How’s your finger (thumb?) healing? It wasn’t a result of a sicko clown attack, was it?

      • I lost feeling under part of the nail so I’m officially finger nail torture resistant on my left thumb. Otherwise, no infection and it’s healing well.

        I sliced myself with box cutters while trying to plane door trim. No clowns involved –other than myself.

        Thanks for asking!

  • Rave1: The weather!
    Rave2: Two friends having birthday parties tonight! Rave3: Weekend & weekend weather predicitons. Should be a nice weekend to get stuff done around the house.
    Rave4: All the rain we’ve been getting (though empathy for those who’ve suffered without power or endured the Metrofails this week).
    Rave5: No Rants!

  • Rave: Got in my car to pick up something at the DCUSA Best Buy and encountered almost NO TRAFFIC ISSUES. I took westbound Monroe instead of Park and it was unbelievably smooth all the way to my destination. Better still, exiting out the back and onto Hiatt Place was trouble-free with no traffic jam at the intersection with Irving. It was almost as if the construction nightmare never happened.

    Rant: Was nearly t-boned by an idiot who ran a red light while texting on her phone. Violent thoughts ensued.

  • Rave: The weather, the flowers, my man, the other driver’s insurance company finally coming through.
    Rant: Bills and home repairs.

  • Rave: Thank you American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The last few days my commute has been a dream. No longer do I have to bike through Dupont Circle or down the 16th Street death trap to get to work. Nice, leisurely ride down a freshly-paved one-way 17th Street…I’ll take it, thanks!

    Rant: The girlfriend is out of town for a wedding she RSVP’d to before we were dating. Would have been nice to meet her friends from home. Maybe next time.

  • Rant: AC unit is broken and it is built in under the window, so not easy to replace.
    Raves: my cold is going away, weather has become sane again, Legg Mason tennis tournament starting.

    • How built in? Sometimes they just slide out once you get the right screw.

      You’ll want to have something to replace it on hand though.

      • Pretty built in. The window sill is above the unit, and it has wood (solid as far as I can tell) on both sides. It looks like it’s been there four at least 30+ years.

        Glad your finger’s healing!

  • Rave: promotion!

  • Rave: Beautiful afternoon for the Petworth Famer’s Market!
    Rant: I’m glad that lost dog was found but wish that woman would take down all the flyers.

  • Rave: 8 year anniversary this weekend and spending it site seeing around Annapolis!

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