Meridian Pint to Offer Brunch Next Sunday

On Sunday morning I tweeted the following information that I heard from the folks at Meridian Pint (11th and Park Rd, NW):

“Meridian Pint serving brunch today (Sunday) from 12 noon til 2pm. Next week full service brunch on Sunday, Aug. 1st beginning at 10am”.

While a full brunch starts at 10am next Sunday (and goes until 3pm I believe) I also hear that in the following weeks brunch will also be extended to Sat. I’ll announce that extension when it goes live. Anyone happen to try the practice brunch on Sunday?

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  • If beers at 3 in the morning count, I was there!

  • I didn’t attend the brunch, however, I was there when they opened in the evening at 5. The bartender let us see the brunch menu – they have some very tasty options and haven’t forgotten us vegetarians/vegans (they had a tofu scramble and vegan french toast!). Definitely excited to try the brunch next Sunday.

    Also, wanted to share my experience as a first time goer -it was wonderful. The bartender was amazing – the first beer she recommended to me (Climax) was a great way to start off the evening. I followed with 4 oz tasters of Smuttynose and Simcoe. Fantastic beer and top notch service – I’ll definitely come back!

  • Any word on whether they’ll be adding sidewalk seating?

  • MP is WAYYY TOO LOUD….count me out

  • agree that it’s too loud. Bummer because otherwise it’s a great place.

      • i appreciate the warning. i hate loud places.

        i think it will be a long time before i check this place out.

        • I was there Friday night (granted I was there early, when the place was still full of kids in the under-5 set. But, I didn’t find it too loud and I HATE loud places.

    • SusanRH

      I agree with folks above, the downstairs is WAY to loud. You can’t even hear a person standing right next to you. I really wanted to love the place, but I hate having to scream

  • Brunch? Really? That didn’t take long to jump the shark. I’m all for new liquor licenses — but can we ban brunch? Pretty please.

  • Too loud? AARP cards are in order.

    • we’re not all in our 20’s or 30’s here. diversity is a bitch, no?

    • Jason,

      Don’t be that guy. You know that guy don’t you, the one everyone calls a jerk?

      The thing is, it’s extremely easy to make a place less loud, and what do you lose by doing so? Not much at all.

      They should just install less sound reflective surfaces on the ceiling, that alone would probably do the trick.

      And, even if you do think it’s “cool” for a place to be really fucking loud, the fact of the matter is, I will not be going there. And, apparently, neither will a few others (see above posts). So, if I were MP’s owners, I would at least consider that fact.

    • Dude,

      The thing is, it’s extremely easy to make a place less loud, and what do you lose by doing so? Not much at all.

      They should just install less sound reflective surfaces on the ceiling, that alone would probably do the trick.

      And, even if you do think it’s “cool” for a place to be really fucking loud, the fact of the matter is, I will not be going there. And, apparently, neither will a few others (see above posts). So, if I were MP’s owners, I would at least consider that fact.

    • i’m in my 30’s and like to go out to quiet places. i found jason’s comment to be hilarious.
      sometimes you gotta laugh at yourselves people. its no big deal.

  • Will the table taps switch to coffee and OJ?

  • Upstairs at MP, very good.

    Downstairs at MP, beyond horrible unless you are a 20 something douche bag with a popped collar.

    • yeah, WHAT IS UP with the dumbass popped collars?! They were stupid the first time around and they’re worse now, because somebody looked back to the 80s and thought, “Hey, that’s an awesome look!”

    • Really? Pool tables, table taps, shuffle board, tv’s and lounge seating is horrible? Thus far the crowd has been fun and friendly. I’m sorry you found them to be “douche bags”. As for the noise, we’ve partially corrected it and continue to do more each week.

  • When if you’re post-40 then perhaps warm milk and a 8pm bedtime are in order if life in the big city is a bit much.

    • You seriously think only the post-40 oldsters are saying the downstairs is too loud? Really?

      My friends and I (pre-40’s) won’t go back there – we actually want to hear each other without shouting.

    • is this the big city?
      we’re talking about dc, right?
      us old people like it here because its NOT the big city.

  • Jason,

    You just moved here, didn’t you? From, um, where, the midwest, right, where you liked mosh pits and thought you were edgy and cool and you were going to take DC by storm and yet retain your hipness while still making a “difference”? Hows that internship working out for you? Hows that room in the group house coming along? Been to Ikea yet?

    Don’t be that guy.

    • Ha! +1++

      From someone who is (gasp) over 50 and (shocking) still enjoys going out at night and sometimes even (yikes) listening to live music and dancing. And doesn’t want to yell to be heard.

      Jason, maybe when you grow up you’ll realize that 20 somethings don’t make up the entire DC universe.

      • Geez, all he’s saying is that if the place is too loud for all you old people then go find a nice wine bar and order some cheese with your pinot. If you can hang with us 20-somethings, fine, but don’t complain about how loud it is and how back in your day they played the record machines at reasonable levels.

        • The irony is, there is a rather nice wine and cheese bar less than a minute walking down the street from Meridian Pint. It has a lovely outside deck, however I do know the elderly are prone to respiratory illness in this searing summer heat. Fret not, you can hear a pin drop inside.

        • So anyone who wrote here about the noise level must be old?

        • actually, his very first comment was a shot across the bow. Now he’s taking fire back. and from just about everybody, it seems like. Seems fair to me.

    • The fact you referenced “mosh pits” makes your character study of me null and void.

      I’m actually from a small town called Atlanta, work for a major university here and live by myself in columbia heights. I’ve been to ikea. Not too keen on putting things together myself however. Cuts into my Pasbst blue ribbon time.

      get some ear plugs gramps.

  • This has been a positive development at this corner and for the neighborhood (I remember what was there), but

    it’s not geriatric to observe that once inside Meridian Pint it is without a doubt

    just too loud.

    It’s not normal, nor is it comfortable, to be a paying patron at this establishment and to have to strain just to simply hear the person in front of you, or to have to strain in speech to have the person in front of you hear you.

    Just expressing an observation and experience.

  • Maybe I just missed them before, but I was in on Sunday and I saw some black panels on the ceiling that looked as if they could be new sound dampening additions. The downstairs is a particular challenge, as it is one large virtually unbroken space, and all surfaces are concrete. Some sound dampening / absorbing panels could really help down there I imagine.

  • Anyone else a little disappointed in the food? I loved the half-smoke but the other items (fries with the cheese/beer sauce, polenta) I thought were subpar. The onion rings were possibly the worst I’ve ever had (big and mushy). I do like the space and the staff was nice however. Also, wasn’t this touted as a soccer bar (in the Soccer Insider blog and also on POP)? If that was just a ploy to attract a crowd for WC kick-off, which they obviously missed, and aren’t going to live up to it, I’d be disappointed (I don’t think they opened early for any of the WC matches they were available for). Any word on if they’re planning to show DCU and other matches on a regular basis?

    • I’ve had the trout and the turkey hash and thought both were excellent. The beer is where it’s at though.

    • Yay brunch! Who doesn’t like brunch? I don’t get the joke, Chris.
      The trout was pretty good (it came with grilled polenta, which was also good) – my calamari was cold, but it was opening night.
      Yes, it’s too loud downstairs, and the owners were warned when they were building out that it was going to be a problem, but they barely got the place ready in time and there have been so many delays (financing etc.) they needed to get the cash flowing in. I’m sure they will find a way to put up some sound dampening paneling without uglifying the ceiling too much, given time. This is not their first time at the rodeo.
      Funny I NEVER see any open seating at Red Rocks, if the weather is at all bearable it’s always packed outside. I can’t remember the last time I passed by and said, oh, look, an empty seat at Red Rocks. I must be working too late. And there is always some girl in a sundress, and some guy in brown flip flops.

    • We never touted ourselves as a soccer bar. We had just hoped to open before the WC and show the matches which obviously didn’t happen. We are, however, happy to show any game requested by any customer.

  • The one time last week i tried to go to Meridian Pint it was a crowded shitshow so we went to red rocks instead. They really need to fix the acoustic issues at MP, maybe some sound-absortion tiles on the ceiling or upper walls or something. It was really oppressive on the ears in there.

  • From Meridian Pint on Facebook:

    Meridian Pint: New ceiling acoustic panels are now in place. This should dampen some of the noise. More to come in the next few weeks.

    • Aww….now Jason won’t want to go there.

      boo hoo. I looked forward to trying to figure out which one of the he was.

      • haha, =1! hilarious, yea, he sounds like one charming guy!

      • I’m getting an image of Jason: popped collar, tan overly-baggy cargo shorts, ragged brown flipflops, over-sized hyper-reflective sunglasses, chuggin’ on a $6 PBR.

        Shouldn’t be too hard to pick him out, right? 🙂

        • Flip flops on men are a couture faux pas for the ages. I don’t wear shorts, nor drink horse urine (fka Pabst).

          More like converse clad, black denim, band t-shirt fellow if you want to pigeonhole me.

          And let me guess the makeup of my attackers hurling invectives. Transplanted yokels here to work on capital hill and marry frumpy interns, eyes wide with desire of raising a family in the diversity of the inner city.. yet send their child to private school to avoid a certain “element”.

          White guilt have mercy on your soul and your ear drums.

          • I suppose we *could* hasten the decent of this conversation if you insist on making it about race somehow.

            Anyway, aren’t you also a transplant “from” Atlanta? In quotes because my impression is that most of the black denim hipsters in Atlanta are not actually from Atlanta.

            At any rate the argument that “If it’s too [fill-in-the-blank], then go back to [fill-in-the-blank]” is fairly lame. And before you ask, the “If it’s too loud, you’re too old” argument falls squarely into that category.

          • Yeah, seems like a big part of your day involves trolling threads and starting shit on this blog. If it isn’t making fun of people who complain about the noise at Meridian Pint, it is something else. And you do love to mix race and white guilt with your trolling, wonderful! Grasping for more heartstrings to pull in order to keep the Troll ball rollin’ I bet! Hope you feel enriched and accomplished.

          • I’m not a troll. I’m an honest man with a voice that will be heard..err typed. I think I illicit ire because I attack the very core values that many hold dear. Almost like thrusting a mirror in front of a burn victim’s face.

          • Illicit ire? You really need to get over yourself, troll.

          • Uh, “illicit ire” ?

            That sounds naughty.

            What did you say you did at that big fancypants university you work at?

          • Its pain to here my thoughts reduced to something as simplistic as “trolling”. Just because it speaks to a deeply repressed part of your psyche.

          • As dismissive as you people are regarding my statements, You will not quell the truth. The shimmering beacon of hope amongst a sea of pseudo suburbanites gripped with fear about the city in which they reside.

          • People, please don’t feed the troll!!

        • I may be driving away business with this one but I rather enjoy wearing shorts and flip flops. I only drink PBR in a can while outdoors though. Rough crowd here today.

  • I am afraid with the improvements MP won’t be loud enough for me. Perhaps if I crank up my Ipod to maximum levels.
    It’s worth a shot.

  • As an oldster (37), I look forward to Brunch this Fall followed by some Bells Oberon fueled NFL. No collar popping, but possibly buttoning down of said button down with jeans. Hope the hipster soccer crowd doesn’t try to get me banned.

    • What, no skinny jeans and converses? you want to watch DOMESTIC sports?!? Get out here, yuppy scum! back to Chantilly for you!

      • Ha – or back to Atlanta!

        • Unlikely. Your women here long for tender embraces with a man’s man. No limp wristed fanatical liberalism here.

          • But as you’ve discovered, they aren’t looking for some dumb redneck southerner, so you may as well gather up your overalls and go on home.

        • Hilarious. You just exposed yourself for the snarky, underexposed, purse clutching, crossing the street when a group of blacks walk down it, covert bigot that I expected a vast majority of you to be. Overalls? In July?

      • Anon@340- I’ve lived in the District since 1995, back when you were probably living in your hometown version of Chantilly. Yes- I want to watch the Domestic grown NFL on Sundays, unless there’s an F1 race on. Stop trying to put people in boxes and just enjoy the diversity of our neighborhood. It’s not yours, any more than mine. It’s OURS.

    • We’re adding more tv’s downstairs, getting the ‘NFL Ticket’ and opening the downstairs for early games. All by the beginning of the season.

  • My BF and I went to MP yesterday for brunch. Overall, it is a nice edition to the neighborhood brunch scene. The food was good and reasonably priced. They have a good mix of standard fare, along with veg/vegan friendly options. Also, I think the inaugural hype has died down, so it wasn’t overwhelmingly crowded.

  • Yes, Jason. You illicit ire because you are Truth incarnate, holding the mirror to our burned faces!

    or… maybe it’s because you come right outta the box hurling insults and making fun of people you don’t agree with, then proceed to heap it on with every post. Then you pop up with this insane self-righteous, ridiculously self-important claptrap about shaking our core values to the… well, core.

    Please get over yourself.

    • Jesus was nailed to across by those who didn’t understand him. Crucified for spouting the truth in a land of cynicism and hatred. If i suffer a similar fate, I am in good company.

      • Clearly the next logical step from a message board spat is biblically inspired murder.

        We’ll get to you after we’re done feeding those apostates from Greater Greater Washington to the lions.

  • Start in Columbia Heights. The last bastion of truth.

  • Anon@340pm- I’ve lived in the District since 1995, back when you were probably living in your hometown version of Chantilly. Yes- I want to watch the Domestic grown NFL on Sundays, unless there’s an F1 race on. Stop trying to put people in boxes and just enjoy the diversity of our neighborhood. It’s not yours, any more than mine. It’s OURS.

    • Tell that to the tenants in public housing who have lived there for decades and have suddenly found themselves shunned in their own neighborhoods? Forced out by a expanding wave of Anglo run Burrito shops and places you can get vegan brunch.

      • Jason, gentrification is a bitch but so is stagnation poverty and decay. you aren’t providing solutions or did i miss something?

        • Clearly the answer to our social and economic woes is Chipotle.

          • hahahaha! dude, you’re cracking me up!

            that’s for being the internet target for todays ire due to our own wasted lives and old agedness.

      • Jason, I don’t think those in the neighborhood that now have a job at Meridian Pint are particularly complaining about us being here. With all this growth in CH come many many jobs…..for all.

      • Who cares dude? Seriously? Does anyone care?

  • Correction: Comment at 444 should have been directed at Jason- not Anon.

  • This thread made my day

  • I don’t understand the complaints of the downstairs at MP being “loud”?

    Seriously, what do you expect? It’s a great new bar in a young neighborhood and on the weekends its packed with people who are all drinking high-ABV beers.

    Sorry that people having a good time disturbed your bridge game, grandpa, but maybe you should head somewhere a little more your speed.

  • Hilarious. The issue here isn’t age at all. Go 20 minutes outside the city in any direction. You will find bars with plenty of townies, old people, young people, even children. These places play rock and roll, country, or whatever else, and they often play it loud. You don’t hear old people in these places complaining — you find them dancing, singing, and drinking along.

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