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  • Looks fine.
    My real concern is that we are putting another “affordable” housing unit right there on that corner that already has so much concentrated poverty and crime. How is that good public policy?

    Whatever elementary school gets that the kids from all these housing projects is probably already drowning in impoverished kids that need extra help to catch up. It’s not fair to the poor kids who need the help to keep concentrating them all in the same place AND its not fair to the middle class kids b/c their needs are going to be overwhelmed by the high concentration of impoverished kids.

    And, its not fair to the neighborhood to work to concentrate all this poverty in Ward 1.

    More affordable public housing in Ward 3 and Georgetown.

  • Typically those artist renderings look fancy and spaceman-ish (ie not real). When I first looked at this one I thought that it looked like crap, but then I realized that it was just an accurate depiction of how that corner looks.

  • does anyone know if they will take section 8 vouchers?

  • Where’s all the sketchy dudes hanging out at BP?

    • I knew something looked off in there.

      I laugh at seeing the Aston Martin on the rendering of Euclid street. I think not. So I guess the little park is gone 🙁

  • Because I’m so sure that urban hipsters would want an apartment/condo overlooking a gas station….

  • Here’s a definition of Section Eight:

    “Section 8, or the Housing Choice Voucher Program, is a Federal housing program which provides housing assistance to low-income renters and homeowners. This assistance comes in the form of rental subsidies, limiting the monthly rent payment of the assistance recipient.

    How do I qualify for Section 8?

    To qualify for Section 8 you must be a low-income person (below 50% of the Area Median Income). To determine what the income limits are in your area click here.”

    Much of the new “affordable housing” will end up being Section Eight housing. In DC Section Eight has been extended to include up to 60% of the Area Median Income. This is how the developers get construction loans. They show the lender that they have been approved for Section Eight Housing Choice vouchers, which guarantees them tenants, since there is a waiting list, and thus a guaranteed income source. So, even if you work for an NGO and making $25k a year, if you’re not already on the waiting list, you won’t be living in one of these.

  • I’m sure the building will be full of teachers, firemen, nurses, etc. as advertised by the politicians – because politicians never spin anything.

    It seems like they only define a maximum income as opposed to including a minimum income as well. And by the way, what low income housing has been displaced? The Amsterdam? I certainly haven’t seen a major decrease in the number of knuckleheads in the area.

  • Yes, the building will constructed on the site of the Justice Park pocket-park. I remember when the current building was being constructed, the developer wanted to purchase the Park as well but it wasn’t for sell. I imagine that the current building was constructed so that if that parcel were ever up for sale, the new building could be incorporated into the site. Looks like that’s what they will do. Even then I wondered who would pay those prices for a condo next to a gas station. Even now, there is a perpetual for-sale sign in the yard of the current building. The idea of a dog park on the site was, in my opinion, a better use of the space. Although I’ve lived in the area all my life and own a house down the street on University Place, I wouldn’t want to live next to a gas station. And I have no objections to having a gas station on that corner. It’s been there in some form form since the 1960’s.

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