15th Set of Entries for the 2010 Coolest Pet in PoPville Contest

by Prince Of Petworth July 26, 2010 at 3:30 pm 104 Comments

Ed. Note: The deadline has passed for entries, we got over 300! If you missed the deadline, save your shots for next year, sorry no exceptions. I will be posting initial entries for 2 more weeks or so before the semifinal rounds commence. Remember if you have a favorite please let me know. If you emailed a photo of your pet I promise all photos will be posted, patience please, there are tons (literally hundreds) of pets in PoPville!


“Goblin on his perch. My little buddy Goblin is a 2 year old French Bulldog who likes to plant himself on the front porch to greet passersby as they stroll down Harvard St. Although he is not quite as famous as Paul the Octopus, he correctly predicted Spain to win the World Cup as well.”


“This is Mo hanging out in his favorite chair.”

“These are my snow loving guinea pigs, Gideon (left) and Torpedo (right).”

Lots more great entries after the jump.


“This is Dash, aka Fat Cat. I caught her in this photo practicing what I like to call her meerkat kitty pose.”


“How cool to have your own doggie ICU? Ginger was found suffering from heartworm and abandoned by a dumpster in South Carolina and brought to DC in a big transport by Lucky Dog Rescue. Unfortunately she caught kennel cough on the truck and this was the steam room I fashioned to help her breathe.

The second picture is Ginger today – all better and chasing swallows!”

Ed. Note: Sorry I can only post 1 photo per pet (unless it is a group shot).


“Please meet Olive, our welsh corgi/border collie mix. Olive came to us from the Washington Animal Rescue League and enjoys greeting all of you PoPer’s from our window on Sherman Ave.”


“Sylvia loves to romp around, take bathes, and chew on wires.”


“This is Lola. She’s our ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she’ll be 2 in November. Isn’t she adorable?”


“This is Wanda. Given the “Bitch, please” look, she likely just got in trouble for eating the couch.”

“Here are my two cat Samson and Wilson. Samson is the gray cat and Wilson is the black and white one. I always liked this photo as I think something nefarious is going on.”


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