Coming and Going: Karaoke Coming Heidi’s Going

Muzette Karaoke is coming to the old Kokopolis spot at 2305 18th St NW in Adams Morgan. A sign recently went up and the entrance is starting to look nice which is promising since it used to look like this but now looks like this:

And in going news:

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“Dear PoP,

I have noticed that the Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli at 1300 2nd St. N.E. has been closed now for about 5 weeks . I originally thought that maybe they were closed for vacation which they have done in the past,But tonight as I was walking by I spoke to a Security Guard for the ATF building where they are located and he said they have gone out of business. Well since the Constitution Cafe opened around the corner 145 N St N.E. their business had slowed to a crawl (Plus the food is a lot better than Heidi’s).”

Will anyone miss Heidi’s?

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  • I thought we had called it quits on the double topic posts.

  • Yeeeeah karaoke! Well I’m excited.

  • Heidi’s was atrocious. Hopefully something better fills the space. Maybe a happy hour place??

    • It wouldn’t be much of a happy hour place and the main reason it would not is because it is Located in a goverment building AND it happens to be Alchohol Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives ,Don’t think that’ll work

      • why? there are clubs right next door too.
        alcohol IS legal you know.

        • There are NO clubs inside the ATF building as Heidi’s IS and it is a government building…….. so think before you open your mouth

  • When I lived in Bloomingdale Heidi’s had tons of promise. The first time they delivered it was actually the owner that came by. Over time they stopped delivering on most days except for Friday night. Then that stopped. The last time I gave them a chance I went by with a friend to get Pizza and sandwiches to go and they were out of most things and were painfully slow. We were convinced at that point it was a total front since there were like 15 people working and 2 people in there eating.

  • I thought the Pizza there was some of the best in DC. The most like NY style that I’ve found around here.

  • I may be a little late to the boat, but I miss Kokopoli’s! I didn’t even know that it was gone.

    Sure, recent visits revealed something grungy, dank, and dark, but that’s were my boyfriend and I had our first date; where I began the tradition of soundly beating him in both pool and darts; and where he spent the last World Cup, unemployed and entertained by the owner who ran the bar most mornings.

    I can’t decide if that means I should go to Adams Morgan more often, or if I just have one less reason to go.

  • yay! Norebangs! I love karaoke, but am too shy to do it in front of people. If this means they will have private rooms, like a norebang, I’m going to be super happy!

  • Darn, divey pool halls are a dying breed.

    I guess everyone would just rather pay $12/hour to play pool?

  • The Heidi’s on H and 17th NW is awesome, huge sandwiches that taste good, miss working near there

  • Kokopolis went downhill the moment they started moving from dive pool hall to hookah bar.

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