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  • saf

    I do so wonder what happened to the church signs. I kinda miss them.

    • The your choice – heaven or hell signs? Yeah, I’m kinda surprised they didn’t end up on the wall of wonderland or something.

      • saf

        Exactly! “Now is the time to come to church and to God!” with the glowing cross that said “eternal life” and the flames that said “hellfire.”

      • I’m pretty sure a local real estate agent bought them, according to the article in one of the local papers at the time of the original sale of the church to the Rapture Flats developer.

  • I just really don’t see this working…..

  • (on the plus side) in about a year i’ll be able to get absurdly overpriced (but awesome) furniture locally on craigslist for a fraction of the price!

    • there’s one good thing! I mean if West Elm couldn’t make it how will this store selling stuff for twice the price?

      • b/c it’s not crap

      • West Elm is struggling at a corporate level, not just the DC store. They’re closing many (all?) of the stores and moving primarily to an internet/catalog only model.

        DC needs better furniture options. RB is a perfect fit for this region, whether you like them at this location or not.

        • R&B has awesome stuff, but it is quite expensive. My sofa is from there, and it has been a great investment. I’ve been stalking a bed from there too. For these bigger “investments” that you want to last, they are a good deal. For smaller, decorative, trendy things, they probably aren’t worth the cost. West Elm is way over priced for what their stuff is. Their stuff looks ok from a distance or in a catalog, but then you see it up close and it’s gross and uncomfortable.

  • I like a lot of their stuff based on their catalog, and I know people who rave about the place. It’s a Minneapolis company, which is often a good sign (quality, price, service, social responsibility). I’ll be spending some money there….

  • …is a good thing! woohooooooo. bring it!

    captcha = reason $6,000 hahahahahhahahaha

  • RB is vastly superior to CB, WE, and PB in quality and design elements. Their prices are not much more expensive than CB and their stuff is well constructed.

    I think this place will be a HUGE success. I’m excited about it, as I’ve shopped them while visiting LA and Chicago and online. It’s an excellent company known for socially responsible practices.

  • The building is attractive. I think they will need to attract customers from across the city to succeed. The lack of parking may impact their ability to attract the number of ‘wealthy’ shoppers they desire.

    • Yeah, because Georgetown has SO much parking!

      • it’s not in georgetown. this location is near 14th and u street.

        • No…

          He’s saying that Georgetown still maintains a healthy amount of ‘wealthy shoppers’ even with a lack of parking.

          Thus, R&B should not be seen as unable to attract a similar amount of ‘wealthy shoppers’ because of its lack of parking.

      • Georgetown has plenty of parking, if you’re willing to pay for it.

  • Very classy renovation. I like it.

  • Great renovation, well done. This my favorite furniture store. Basically comparable to C&B in price, maybe a bit higher, but much higher quality and far more interesting design. High-end feel for medium-end prices. I am glad it’s here.

  • i wonder what this will do for business at more affordable local vintage stores like Miss Pixies and Millennium, but also what effect it will have on contemporary new furniture stores Muleh and Vastu across the street?

    • It probably helps. The g-towners looking for furniture might actually come to the ‘hood for R&B and once the park here (which they should be able to do on a weekend without might hassle) maybe they’ll stroll down to Muleh or Vastu too. Maybe they’ll even get a bite to eat at Saint Ex.

  • Georgetown maintains a healthy amount of wealthy shoppers because Georgetown it is populated by the wealthy. It is also perceived to be safe and people are accustomed to going to Georgetown to shop. Is Room and Board going to attract shoppers away from their shopping comfort zone to their location to make it worthwhile to maintain a store of that size. There is also quality furniture shopping available in Bethesda and I believe their downtown municipal lots are free on weekends. ‘You’ and I may perceive to 14th street corridor to be safe, desirable etc. There is still a portion of DC residents who do not do any business East of Rock Creek / North of Downtown. I am sure R&B did their market research so I assume they know what they are doing.

  • Is this place close enough to park at Whole Foods and walk over?

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