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  • Exciting!!!

  • I stopped in on Saturday. Service was great, green curry was spicy–a plus in my book–and the coconut punch was delicious.

  • Went twice this weekend with two groups of friends. Sushi was good not great but it was priced in the \good, not great\ category and I was more than happy to enjoy some sushi without heading out of the neighborhood. Papaya salad was great – refreshing snack on a hot day. Green curry was nice – good balance between the spice and the creamy coconut. Mai tai was dangerous – smooth and refreshing and I could have had several. My only complaint was that the jazz musicians were a little loud for a small space with lots of hard, flat surfaces.

  • How does this compare to Thaitanic II?
    I went there (Thaitanic II) for the first time last week.
    Not overly keen on the appetizer but the entrees were better than good and came to the table hot (temperature wise that is). Also I found it well priced.
    I live equidistant to the two (on 13th St.) but drove anyway (shame on me.)

  • Had dinner there Friday night; the waiter said it was their first day, but I felt like you had suggested they were open on Thursday, so who knows. It was pretty darn good. I still like Thaitanic down at Logan better, but the Yum Nua was good and the Spring Rolls were great. My Pad Kra Prao was good, though quite spicy and a little salty. The grand opening is a couple of weeks off, so I’m sure things will improve!

  • Been there twice already. Good food, good prices, and good service. Can’t complain. So happy to have this place in Petworth.

  • Is there a bar area or just the sit-down table area?

  • There is a bar — its small but has a tv

  • Good Thai for DC. If they delivered, I’d reconsider driving to Arlington for my Thai food!

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