Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

An acquaintance was recently telling me about some interesting street art in DC and I would love some more information. He said that sometime in the 1970s a group of artists in DC (and maybe around the country) were doing outdoor art where they would paint large blocks of color. He thought that there was a street somewhere in Northwest where large blocks of color had been painted on the asphalt and that they are faded, but still visible today. His best guess was between 10th & 15th Street, NW, maybe in the Shaw, Logan Circle, or the U Street neighborhoods. A Google search hasn’t turned up anything helpful. Any idea what street this might be?”

Well the only thing I could think of was these stars (pictured above) on 14th St, NW by S. But of course those are only a few years old. Do any long time residents have a recollection of some painted streets around town?


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