Kyrgyzstan photo exhibition and fundraiser tomorrow and help find a lost camera

Photo from flickr user HelpAge

From an email:

“Come see and buy beautiful photos of Kyrgyzstan! All money raised will
be donated to Doctors without Borders, to support their work with
refugees in the south of Kyrgyzstan and over the border in Uzbekistan.
All welcome!

Date: Thursday, July 1, 2010
Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: Studio Gallery D.C.
Street: 2108 R Street N.W.”

And help a reader find her camera:

“Dear PoP,

I know it’s a long shot but … a drunk Sunday night turned into losing a camera. We re-traced our steps and realized it either fell out of my bfs pocket on the way to our car (parked at Harriet Tubman) from Wonderland or getting out of the car (which we moved because we were in a school zone) on 11th between Monroe and Otis.

The camera is a Canon S90 and something we can probably replace (although the camera is awesome!) but the pictures are irreplaceable – a best friends wedding, Twins game, an engagement celebration, Juicy Lucys in Minnesota and various other important events.

Any ideas or thoughts on what we should do?”

Anyone know of someone who found an S90 I’m sure the reader would be happy just getting the memory card back.

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  • did that guy ever find his girlfriend’s fancy shoe?

  • My coworker once found a camera and went to unbelievable lengths to retrace it to the owner: He went through the pics to scour for clues, figured out the (tourist’s) home town and last name somehow, looked up his/her parents, called them, got the address and mailed it to them! Incredible.

    I hope somebody like that finds your camera.

    (Sorry if that sounded like rubbing it in! Just wanted to reassure you that people like that do exist out there)

  • ” a drunk Sunday night turned into losing a camera. We re-traced our steps and realized it either fell out of my bfs pocket on the way to our car…Any ideas or thoughts on what we should do?”

    Yeah don’t drive drunk. Epic fail.

  • save early save often

  • Always download your photos the same day you take them!!!

  • Yeah, consider yourselves lucky that you only lost a camera while driving drunk. PoP, can’t believe you’re condoning this behavior.

  • Fuck you for driving drunk. You’re lucky you only lost your camera and didn’t kill someone.

  • And stop driving to Wonderland, it’s 3 blocks from the metro you lazy bums! I’m tired of not being able to park within 3 blocks of my house because of all the non-DC license plates on the weekend.

    • You should sell your car and buy a bicycle. We already have too many DC residents who think they’re entitled to at least three vacant parking spots on the street.

  • Hey all I’m the owner of the camera and am sad I need to defend myself as if losing the pics wasn’t enough. First, the driver of the car was not drinking and I know I wrote it to where one might assume that but it wasn’t the case. Second, we do live in the neighborhood but were parked in a school zone so had to move the car. The car had been parked there all weekend and didn’t think about it until that night. We are not lazy bums. I have always loved the neighborhood ( have lived here for four years) and most of the people in it and find the comments quite disheartening. Thank you Taylor street man for the optimism.

    • Don’t take it personally. If you spend enough time here, you’ll find that most of the commenters have miserable lives and take pleasure in taking it out on others.

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