Judging Restaurants – Lemon Bowl Deli

The Lemon Bowl Deli is located on Georgia Avenue and Irving Street NW. There’s really very little info on google about this deli. I thought we had spoke about it a few years ago but I can’t seem to find it in the archives. The only decent info I found was from a Flickr page by diangela that says:

“The Lemon Bowl Deli has some of the best smoothies, lemonade, and BIG sandwiches.”

And there was this sign on the door:

I wonder how it compares to Ben’s Chili Bowl dog?

But let’s start fresh. Anyone ever get a sandwich here? A smoothie? If so do you recommend a particular type or flavor? I’m wondering if this a hidden gem like the Hitching Post?

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  • lived around the corner from this place for about 5 years and have yet to see it open. … clearly we are incompatible …. snif.

    • typing too fast.
      should’ve said “HAVE lived around the corner…”
      so it’s still a present-tense comment.

      If this truly is a viable business, I’d be interested in Thee Judgement Ov Thee People on it.

  • Great place for underground lemon parties

  • I like how the chili is both steaming and quivering in that illustration.

  • How is lemonade more than a chili dog? Do they put bourbon in it or something?

  • Never open!! Don’t know how they stay in business when nobody is ever there to serve customers.

  • I call front operation. This looks like that basement smoothie place in Greenwich Village where the smoothy machine was always broken, and the guy in the Rasta hat and marijuana leaf shirt was always disappearing into the back room with “customers.”

  • 8 hours and no solid answers! The internet is dead. Long live shortwave!

  • Well from what I know Mr.Larry opens the deli whenever he prefers, this usually excludes the weekends. My buddy used to have Mr. Larrys phone number-that was the only way we’d ever know whether the place was open or not.
    I’ve successfully only been there a one or two times and would highly recommend the bananaade. Yum. In fact im thinking of hitting the place up today, unfortunately its quite a drive for me from NoVa and as always its unclear if its open or not…

  • Supposedly, according to Mr.Larry himself, the hours are
    MON-FRI 12-6
    but call ahead to see for sure

    I got the Banana ade w/ pineapple and a chili dog w/ cheese and onions-they were both satisfying and sweet (the chili had some sweetness to it which I really liked and the pineapple added sweetness that the regular banana-ade lacked.)
    Also, I found that out of the two offered sizes for the drinks, the Jumbo’s way too big, especially if more food is involved.

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