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  • (if this is the house aorund NJ and P) the house is like 8 feet wide. i went in when it was on the market a few years back

    • It’s definitely that house, although I think it might be the corner of NJ and Q.

      • NJ and Q … yes, it’s tiny inside. The previous owners did a ton of work to the place inside and out. The current owner has been working on it quite a bit as well. I believe he has put hardwood flooring throughout now. Though it is narrow, the house is really quaint.

  • That is amazing, great find!

  • Awesome. Thanks PoPs. Without the extension for the stairs, it looks like it is probably no more than about 10 feet wide.

  • I ride by this house every day on my way to work and always admire it. Just this morning I was wondering if PoP ever noticed it!! I love the ivy growing over the porch, awesome.

  • Having seen the house when it was on the mkt several years ago, I can say that it is great on the outside but would be uncomfortable to live in. Very narrow, poor use of interior space, and though on a corner, the stairwell that runs up the southern side of the house takes up much of the available light. When it was up for sale, there was an amazing claw foot tub and an old school ice chest in the house; I wonder if the new owner kept them.

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