Does Anyone Live in the Lacey Building?

We first looked at this building back in Oct. ’08. Then we judged it back in Jan. ’09. I walk by this building at 11th and Florida Ave, NW all the time and I’ve never seen any sign of life. I know many of the units have sold, so I’m just curious – has anyone ever seen someone go inside?

Now that the building has been there a couple of years has anyone changed their mind whether they like it or not?

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  • god i love that building. people clearly live in it though i think i noticed a sign saying there are units still available

  • My favorite residential building in DC

  • really? I bought a place not far away last summer — when the Lacey was “hot” and selling. I didn’t like any of the units I saw there. It didn’t do it at all for me. And I quite like modern clean design. But the spaces were designed, in my view, as a nice place to live. They were designed more as showrooms. It doesn’t surprise me that units have been on the market for years.

  • This building won a lot of design awards but was not a successful development. It’s been almost three years and it still hasn’t sold out. One problem was the crazy pricing, but the biggest issue was that most buyers don’t want something as modern as this project. Concrete floors, open bedrooms to below, no mouldings- some people love it, but most people didnt.

  • Yes, many people live in this building and we’re quite a lively crowd. I have lived at the Lacey since last fall and absolutely love it. I think this is the most awesome, beautiful residential development in town.

    To clear up some misconceptions, the Lacey has not been on the market for “years” as two people state above. It has been on the market since April 2009 and is currently nearly 90% sold. I would imagine that the fact that the building hasn’t sold out just yet is to a large extent due to the economy, given that this is one of the more expensive buildings in DC in terms of $/sqf.

  • I love the building. It fits in nicely with the modern look of the streets just North of U Street NW.

  • a couple of the remaining units, ones i looked at, have the horrible smell of fry grease wafting constantly from next door. that and the high pricing (you could buy a rowhouse + extra for those prices). and the parking spaces were an additional $40,000. the design is amazing though!!!!!

    • That is absurd. I don’t know which ones you were looking at. Yes, the prices are kind of steep, but to say you could buy a rowhouse + extra for that is ridiculous. Maybe in a much much much much less desirable location…location is important – you could get a 4 bedroom house in the suburbs of Orlando for the price of a 1 bedroom condo in many NW DC neighborhoods.

  • It’s beautiful, no doubt, but to echo the sentiments of some previous commenters, it’s overpriced and impractical for a lot of people. Living in a place as Modern as this can definitely require some lifestyle changes, if you’re not used to it.

  • What’s everyone talking about? I thought this was just an extension to the Florida Avenue Grill kitchen.

  • I think I’ve been in them and I really liked the layout, but it wasn’t for everyone. Very modern and open floor plans.

  • is there anything thats for everyone?

  • Ive renovated an lived in a few unique houses, two of them really beutiful but also stark and minimalist. A lot of people would come and look, everybody oohed and ahhhed, but nobody bought. I’ve found that people like to think they want a house out of DWELL magazine but when the rubber hits the road, consumers are traditional at heart, even if they fancy themselves otherwise. I think this building was designed by DIvision1. THey are awesome. I think they did another house on 10th and W that sat on the market a long time, also insanely beautiful.

  • Clearly I’m in the minority, because I find this one of the ugliest buildings to be built in DC in quite a while. I’ve never liked the ultra-modern sleek design, and I don’t see anything asthetically pleasing about the shape of the building itself. But the worst part is the random pattern of porches, which make the building look like an abandoned warehouse with several windows smashed.

  • There is now a sign on the building advertising drastically reduced prices, to sell the few remaining units.

  • Ditto CPT_Doom. I live on that block. The building alone has a very sleek design, but is so ill-suited for that block, it’s practically a joke.

    That said, I’m moving out later this week to the more conservative confines of Cleveland Park. clearly my tastes lie elsewhere.

    • I don’t see how you can say it’s ill suited to the block. In my opinion, what defines the blocks north of U Street is a blend of traditional and modern architecture. That juxtaposition is very unique and you can see it anywhere north of U from about 14th to 9th. It’s fine that it’s not your cup of tea, but to act as though the Lacey is some sort of outlier is silly.

  • I think those SNL Euro trash art dealers Nuni and Nooni Schoener live there. Cotton candy, anyone?
    I love that building but I’d have to get all new ultra modern furniture, clothes, dishes, lamps, eyeglasses, pet, boyfriend etc. to move there.
    It seems like such a comedic justaposition to the terrible terrible Florida Avenue Grill.

  • I went into see some of the remaining units a few months ago and absolutely loved them. Its very expensive and will not fit everyone’s taste but I would definitely buy there if I had the money.

  • I’ve been told on several occasions that the Lacey building is used for adult movies. I’ve wondered if that’s actually the case. It seems feasible being that it doesn’t seem “lived” in.

  • Briana, your comments are offensive. I live in the Lacey and no, this building has no connections to the pornography industry. How would you like it if someone said something as stupid and offensive as that about your home?

  • I love this building (and that house by the same architect). I think DC has so many ‘historic’ rowhouses that in the spaces left in between them, modern infill like this is great and fitting. This is 2010, not 1910. If you like traditional design, dc has a plethora of places for you. If not, you have this one area of U street where there is some great modern design.
    Like someone said in the comments here, only beer is for everyone!

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